Saturday, September 28, 2013

a Banishing spell

Banishing or Binding spells  typically are for banishing unwanted people, Ex lovers or nasty Bosses or Stalkers   or negative energy or spirits etc 
This is a banishing spell it will not harm the person it just simply makes them no longer think of you or wish to do you harm  

This is a simple Spell Perfect for Beginners to  Advanced  
you need 

a Stone  
I like to use a Smooth round stone it doesn't matter what kind of stone  I get mine from the beach

Twine or  Hemp rope or some  rope type material 

1 Black Candle    

piece of paper and pen   ( if possible to use Dragons blood ink  )

Lay out all your tools in front of you Open your Circle in your usual way,  Light the candle 
on the stone  take a nail or other sharp object  ( DO NOT USE YOUR ATHAME )  
Carve this symbol in the Center put  any symbols you traditionally use for healing and protection
such as Triple moon symbol or Horned God etc  

 on the piece of paper 
Write down the following    
The Problem you are having   do not go into great details  just write down the persons name
keep it as brief as you can if its a spirit then write down spirit   and problems you have 

now take the paper and fold it up now take your twine and wrap it around the stone and the piece of paper
While repeating the following  

I Invoke the Lord and the Lady   Power (  Insert name )  this night 
To be protected from you, ( insert persons name or problem  )
This magic charm I will do Bind you, 
With this words I bind thee, ( insert persons name or problem  )
For you to let me be, I will be free from you
To be protected from your harm,  ( insert persons name or problem  )
with my power and might by the power of the Lord and the Lady ( insert name ) 

I bind you (name of person) this very night
I now seal this charm I take you out of my sight  out my mind
you have no power over me anymore 
This is my Will  and my Power so mote it be!!!
( Repeat this until the stone is completely covered by twine )

( take your Black candle and Drip wax all over the  rope covered stone covering it completely so you can longer see the stone  at all   

allow the wax on the stone to harden  then find the nearest body of water and throw it in taking away all your pain with it 

Before any Spell or ritual is performed the magic spell should be read and understood completely. All items needed for the ritual should be on hand. Rituals should not be taken lightly. Rituals should always be done with respect. you are invoking real deities ~ Daw~

Monday, September 23, 2013

Lilith Lust

Lilith Lust is  Erotic blend of spices that Super Charges the sex drive
when you want to feel lusty and have amazing orgasms like you never would have believed before 
this is perfect for men or women.  apply a few drops to your body and enjoy 

to make it you will need 

5 drops of Cedarwood essential oil 
5 drops of Ylang Ylang essential oil 
5 drops of Sandalwood essential oil 
3 drops of Patchouli essential oil 
3 drops of Neroli essential oil
3 drops of Rose  essential oil   
3 drops of Clary Sage essential oil
2 drops of Peppermint essential oil 
2 drops of Lavender essential oil 
2 drops of Vanilla essential oil   
1/4 oz. Carrier Oil Sweet Apricot oil or almond oil etc
Small Red Rose Quartz Crystal
6 ounce vial container

mix ingredients together put Crystal in oil and let it sit 24 hours then move oil to 6 oz container

now for the rest of the ritual you will need  

Red wine
An Athame
sexual musical selection ( songs are your choice but must be Sexual in nature )
a Gift for Lilith ( the Gift is sexual in nature Chocolate , lotus flowers and Lilies anything that is sexual is a gift for Lilith
sex toy  or partner/s   

This spell is best done at night

Bless,Cleanse and Consecrate your tools,and sacred space. 

Arrange   Sex toys/ Phallic Stones and candles are arranged in a circle around the Altar space and lit, as is copious quantities of incense

Play music
Groove your body to the song

Pour Red wine into Goblet and sip
Offer some to Lilith Place Goblet on Altar

Invoke Sex Goddess Lilith  

"Great mistress Lilith with the power to love or devour,
Come to me on this darkened night,
Embrace me I am yours
Fill me Embrace me Take me I am yours

Teach me Lilith, I shall put my hands in your lap
For you to bless and use.
I shall put my heart in your lap
To be caressed by your blessing hands.
To grow courageous with your use
To put high purpose in my heart

Take your Athame and  do the Following

Touch the brow

Touch the breast

Touch the left shoulder

Touch the right shoulder

Touch the genitals

Place the palms of the hands together upon thy chest.

Face The Mirror Look into the Mirror Focus Lilith in your mind
Drink Red Wine from the Goblet
Offer some to her in the mirror
Take off your clothes
Offer Lilith a Gift and place it on the Altar and the Lilith Lust  oil 

Breathe Deeply in the incense and blow it at the mirror
Pour Red wine on your body starting at the neck
Dance in front of the mirror

"You will Feel Warm and Tingly and a breath on your Neck That is Lilith"

Masterbate  or have  Sex 

Thank Lilith for her Gift and Knowledge she has given you
Give thanks and say goodbye to all elements, directions, guardians and guides that you invited into your circle.
Close the Circle, Blow out the Candles Take the ash of the incense and rub it on your body mixed with a small amount of Wine
Best to do a Sigil Symbol of Lilith.

Before any Spell or ritual is performed the magic spell should be read and understood completely. All items needed for the ritual should be on hand. Rituals should not be taken lightly. Rituals should always be done with respect. you are invoking real deities ~ Daw~
this spell Requires Invoking Lilith one of the most Ancient of Goddess

How to Use Runes for Divination

Rune Reading is easy for beginners to  the Craft to experts
its not hard to read Runes  anyone can do it  

You need a set of Runes
the Runes can be made of any material you wish
Stone, Wood, Tile,  Crystal, etc 
Incense of choice or a scented Candle of choice  just to set the mood something spicy or musky is a good choice you want to be comfortable   and relaxed and have a clear mind.

Get into a comfortable sitting position

Clear and focus your mind. Hold the bag of stones in your receptive hand.

With the fingers of your receptive hand, "shuffle" the stones in the bag to mix them up.

Either mentally or aloud, ask your question. Remove four stones, one at a time, from the bag. Read each stone's inscription before you place it on the flat surface where you are working.

From left to right, lay out the stones that you have chosen. The first stone represents  The past ( sometimes past lives)  second stone represents the present , third stone represents the  future  and the fourth represents the overall energies/lessons if all behaviors remain unchanged.

Once again, if you are taking notes on the reading, be sure to write down the date, time, place and type of reading (ie: four stone reading or one stone reading).

When you are Done, Thank the Gods, Goddess and Spirits for the answers you seek

For a More Detailed Explaining what Runes mean

Warning do not do this while under the influence of Drugs or Alcohol   you must have a clear mind

Mabon Love Spell

       Photo is Property of  Freckles Fairy Chest &  Oak leaf Creative used with permission
Click here for Freckles Fairy Chest , Fairy Wings, Unicorn horns and much more
Click here for Oak Leaf Creative  

                        The Legend of the Mabon Fairy 

If a maiden that is deep in love will go with her suitor to a lonely place in the meadows or the woods, or to the moors, and place within her own and her lover's shoe a single oakleaf; and if they both will wait there and contemplate their love, and speak it to one another as evening falls and the stars come out, they will, if their patience is good, behold the fairy host as they come to gamble and sport in the wilds.

so find your True love this Fall by invoking the Mabon Fairy

You need

2 Acorns
2 Oak leaves
a Ribbon
1 Candle ( color is up to you )
2 crystal 
a Treat for the Fairy ( offerings to fairies is usually a sweet treat honey is a good idea )

Open your circle as you normally would

. Put the candle in place. Concentrate on what it is you want to do (obviously summon the fairies). Now light the candle.

Place the 2 leaves on each side and your "gift" in front of the candle. place the crystal on top of the leaves and the Acorns
Now chant: while holding the Ribbon in your hand

Little fairies with tiny feet Play in this garden - but leave it neat Little fairies with hands so sweet I leave this offering - for you to eat Little fairies, if this garden is neat I'll leave more offerings at your tiny feet.

( Leave your Offering ) Little folk of flashing wing, little folk of dancing feet, hear my words to you and bring blessings with you when we meet. please bless this ( Ribbon ) with your Love and Protection
to help bring me the one I so long to meet
my hearts true my soul mate
with harm to none so mote it be 

Let the Candle Burn out on its own keep the Ribbon , Oak leaves, Acorns and Crystal in a sacred spot
and Love will find you

Where do I learn more about Paganism/ Wicca / Witchcraft

I get a lot of Emails asking me where do I get more information on Learning about the Pagan/ Wiccan Path and Questions on what is Witchcraft..

Or  How do I find my Goddess or God

Nobody can tell you what Goddess or God to follow
only you can, Educate yourself Learn about all religions.
Study  your Heritage , your ancestors , study the culture that appeals to you most like  Celtic , Asatru /Viking ,Hellenic- Greek ,Graeco/Roman, Kemetic/ancient Egyptian ,
 Native American and other paths

there is more to Paganism and Wicca Than spells
Most important is if you do not know what you are doing 
then do not do the spells we post

Spells are not Games or Toys  

Questions about Spells Are answered here

O.k some of you may be very new to the Craft, or you may be just inquisitive, you may have heard from some of your Witchy friends who have casted their spells, or have summoned some particular spirit or God/ess and you have felt that excitement to be able to do it yourself.

Spells and Rituals are not Games or Toys to do for fun or Giggles
you are Conjuring real deities who will not be amused you called them for your lost car keys.

What really Irks me
people who I like to call Fluffy who are people who claim to follow the Pagan/ Wiccan path
but have no FREAKING CLUE about it they take what they read in a couple books or saw on a TV show like Charmed or the movie the Craft.
they have never studied the religion or learned anything about the religion

then have the nerve to Bash other people of the Pagan/ Wiccan path
for honoring Goddess Lilith or Hecate or Pan or Cernunnos or wearing an inverted Pentacle or have a Horned God symbol, or doing rituals that involving Horns like Viking Drinking horns or bones or Antlers.
These Newbie fluffys bash Pagans and Wiccans who have studied the religion not just modern but ANCIENT Paganism and know the history of the Religion.

it really is a slap in the face when I see people who have no clue who the Gods or Goddess are but claim to be Wiccan or Pagan or Listen to Religious propaganda that been spread by other religions as Facts.... and it really is a shame when I see some Fluffy 

attacking people who have Studied the religion and are deep into the faith and using social media like Twitter or facebook to publicly Bash Teachers and Mentors of the Faith, teachers like Selena Fox ,Laurie Cabot or Christian Day or other teachers who have done much to help the Pagan and Wiccan Community

Word to the wise... Unless you have knowledge and understanding about Witchcraft, please do not play about with things you may not understand. Witchcraft is not for fun, or to show off to friends, there are real entities out there that will certainly play about with you, if you open up doors you cannot close.

Spells are for people who know what they are doing
if you are not part of the Pagan, Wiccan or Witchcraft Religions
then do not do these spells. this is not like a tv show or a game
this is an actual Religion you have to study and learn about the Goddess and Gods and history of the religion and practice the actual religion.

Please remember, unless you can Banish, never summon anything. It is not a game, it is not for those who are thrill seekers. Witches take their craft seriously and learn and train every single day. It is who they are, it is their way of life. It is not just a case of reading a few books, and you become a Witch, and you are untouchable, if you believe that, then you certainly do not belong on the path of a Witch.

Now that I got that out of The Way 

Here are Some links to help you

Recommended Pagan and Wiccan Books

Popular Pagan Books 

What Is Wicca

Wicca is an eclectic religious belief system centering around gods, goddesses, and nature worship.

Information on Wicca , Paganism, Druidism,  Witchcraft 

Here you will find information to learn about the basics of the religion of Witchcraft

WitchVox  Coven and Groups to meet other pagans and wiccans

 Books on Paganism / Wicca 

Margot ADLER, _Drawing Down the Moon: Witches, Druids, Goddess-Worshippersand Other Pagans in America Today_ 

STARHAWK, _The Spiral Dance: A Rebirth of the Ancient Religion of theGreat Goddess_ 

Scott CUNNINGHAM, _Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner

Celebrating the Seasons :  Author Selena Fox 

Goddess Communion: Rituals  and Meditation: Selena Fox

Planetary healing and magick : Selena Fox

Stewart FARRAR, _What Witches Do: A Modern Coven Revealed

Silver RAVENWOLF, _To Ride a Silver Broomstick: New Generation Witchcraft

Aidan A. KELLY, _Crafting the Art of Magic: A History of Modern Witchcraft

Ronald HUTTON, _The Pagan Religions of the Ancient British Isles: Their Nature and Legacy

Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs

The Master Book of Herbalism by Paul Beyerl 

The Complete Book of Incense, Oils and Brews by Scott Cunningham

Magical Herbalism: The Secret Craft of the Wise by Scott Cunningham

Any book by Scott Cunningham is fantastic and wonderful

The Witches' Book of the Dead [Christian Day, Raven Grimassi] 

Utterly wicked Curses and spells by Dorothy Morrison

The Craft a Witches Guide to a book of Shadows by Dorothy Morrison  

Raymond Buckland  books  ( Any all excellent choices )  

Other authors who are generally well thought of include Amber K.,Zsuzsanna Budapest, Janet and Stewart Farrar, Gerald Gardner, Jade and Doreen Valiente.

The Best Pagan Books

The Heart of Wicca by Ellen Cannon Reed

The Craft by Dorothy Morrison

Green Witchcraft by Ann Moura

Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner 

Living Wicca: A Further Guide for the Solitary Practitioner

Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft by Raymond Buckland 

Witchcraft Today by Gerald B. Gardner

The Meaning of Witchcraft by Gerald B. Gardner

Witchcraft for Tomorrow by Doreen Valiente

The Elements of Ritual by Deborah Lipp

The Way of Four by Deborah Lipp

The Witches God by Janet and Stewart Farrar

The Witches Goddess by Janet and Stewart Farrar

Wiccan Warrior: Walking a Spiritual Path in a Sometimes Hostile World by Kerr Cuhulain 

Full Contact Magick: A Book of Shadows for the Wiccan Warrior by Kerr Cuhulain 

Holland's Grimoire of Magickal Correspondences: A Ritual Handbook by Eileen Holland

Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells by Judika Illes

Paganism: An Introduction to Earth- Centered Religions [Paperback]
River Higginbotham (Author), Joyce Higginbotham

 What Paganism and Wicca is   

When one defines oneself as Pagan, it means she or he follows a Religion focused on honoring The Ancient of Gods and Goddesses it is best described as the modern rebirth of Ancient Paganism Paganism encompasses a diverse community with some groups concentrating on specific traditions, practices or elements such as Nature, Celtic ,Wiccans, Druids, Shamans,Hellenic,Graeco,Slavic, Sacred Ecologists,Asatru, Odinists and Heathens, Kemetic,Native American all make up parts of the Pagan community. 

Some follow a list of nine virtues, referred to as the Nine Noble Virtues, that have been culled from the Eddas (our primary sources) and the Sagas. These virtues are: Courage, Truth, Honor, Fidelity, Discipline, Hospitality, Industriousness, Self-reliance, and Perseverance. 

The recognition of the divine in nature is at the heart of Pagan belief. Pagans are deeply aware of the natural world and see the power of the divine in the ongoing cycle of life and death. Most Pagans are eco-friendly, seeking to live in a way that minimises harm to the natural environment. 

Concepts of the divine 

Pagans worship the divine in many different forms, through feminine as well as masculine imagery and also as without gender. The most important and widely recognised of these are the God and Goddess (or pantheons of God and Goddesses) whose annual cycle of procreation, giving birth and dying defines the Pagan year. Paganism strongly emphasises equality of the sexes. Women play a prominent role in the modern Pagan movement, and Goddess worship features in most Pagan ceremonies. 

Pagan theology .

Paganism is not based on doctrine or liturgy. Many pagans believe 'if it harms none, do what you will'. Following this code, Pagan theology is based primarily on experience, with the aim of Pagan ritual being to make contact with the divine in the world that surrounds them. 

While Other Pagans sees the divine manifest in all creation. The cycles of nature are our holy days, the earth is our temple, its plants and creatures our partners and teachers. We worship a deity that is both male and female, a mother Goddess and father God, who together created all that is, was, or will be. We respect life, cherish the free will of sentient beings, and accept the sacredness of all creation