Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fairy Pendant Enchantment

This Spell  Takes Fairy Pendants like this and  Enchants them to be Magical

                                                               You need the following 

              Crystals/ Stones/ Shells of your Choice 
           ( as long as they are small enough to fit in the bottle)

          1 tsp  ground rose petals  or 2 drops rose essential oil
      1 tsp ground marigold petals or 2 drops marigold essential oil
      1 tsp  dried lavender or  2 drops lavender essential oil *
                    ( * Note you can use Lilac  if you do not like lavender )
      1 tsp  ground violet  petals  or  2 drops violet essential oil  
       4 drops Vanilla Essential oil  
      1 tsp ground  cinnamon or 2 drops cinnamon essential oil  
     4 grams (a marble sized nugget) of amber resin, NOT the stone! The soft, sweet smelling resin that is  often imported from India, available at health food stores, and of course herb and Pagan/ Wiccan shops.
2 ounces (about 56 grams) of  sandalwood powder 
2 ounces of  Dragons blood Resin  again this can be found at herbal shops , Pagan/ Wiccan shops  or online

gather the ingredients required, along with a mortar and pestle to blend them in

Fill the mortar or cauldron with the sandalwood powder and dragons blood resin, and crush the amber into it with the pestle or tool of your choice. Use clockwise blending motions. Focus on the energy of the  moon.

When the powder is smooth and consistent, add the vanilla, one drop at a time  into the mortar
then transfer the  power into a bowl with your Crystals/ stones/ Shells for the necklace

Light a white Candle and open your Circle as you normally would 
while saying 

In the name of the Goddess ( insert name ) and  God/s  ( insert name )  
Great Spirits above and below hear me 
I bless this (  hold up bowl )   in peace & love
I  ( insert your name )  Ask for  Protection, Love and Light and Healing
by the power of  the Goddess ( insert name ) and  God/s  ( insert name )
By the strength of the God/s ( insert name ) and the wisdom of the Goddess  ( insert name )
I  charge  these Crystals with your Power 
with harm to none so let this spell be done!
so mote it be.

Snuff out the Candle and Thank the Goddess and God/s and Spirits and Close your Circle  

" Transfer Crystals / Stones / Shells to the Pendant add a big of the ground herbs not too much though.

Transfer the rest of the ground mix  to an airtight container   the Powder is enchanted so sprinkle some around your house or anoint candles or Tarot cards or anything you wish.

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