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Cleansing & consecrate Magickal Tools

You should personalize, cleanse and consecrate your ritual tools before they are used in any spells or rituals.  If you purchase rather than create your ritual tools, it is even more important that you personalize, cleanse and consecrate them. Think of it this way  when you invite guests over you clean up the house same with doing magickal rituals  you are inviting your deity to give them proper respect and honor   have your tools cleaned and organized and your Altar should reflect this  such as Dusting and removing old offering and replaced with fresh ones such as Flowers or Coffee or  Bread

List of magickal tools


Traditional ones are Cast Iron but I found metal ones like a small Weber BBQ Grill work just Fine
It should be fire-proof as you will sometimes burn paper or herbs in it, and it should be large enough to hold a small candle as you may burn a candle in it from time to time



The Censer is used for burning  incense. There are  incense recipes on the Confessions Craft page that you can blend and burn. If you prefer, you can also use stick or cone incense and if you choose to use these, choose an appropriate burner. Ideally, you will have the Censor and it should have chains attached so you can lift it and move it about while the incense burns. When using a Censor, it will also be necessary to purchase charcoal blocks for use in it. You will place the incense on the blocks for it to burn.


There are many choices available in acquiring a Chalice. You can purchase a nice silver one with engraving on it, or you can use an old wine glass or cup,Anything you can drink from will do.


The Bell can be of any size: Brass, Glass, Silver, or Ceramic. used in rituals  and to dispel negative energy


 The Wand is used for Rituals and Directing Energy
 you will use the wand for meditation and magick.
its very important tool that has many uses 

        If you would like to buy an Athame like this click here

The Athame is a knife. Some people use a dagger type blade; others prefer a regular single edged blade. The Athame is used to direct power, to cut or chop herbs, and to cut or engrave names or symbols on candles or other magickal tools. It is never used for harm. Do not leave your Athame out on your Altar if children or the elderly are in the home. Do not use your Athame for any other purpose except work at your Altar.


The Staff is a walking stick and may be purchased or made. If purchasing one, choose a hiker's walking stick made of wood. If making your own, choose a rather large branch that has fallen from a tree, peel off the bark and let it cure or dry out for at least a month. Decorate it with leather strips, bells, stones, carvings, etc. You will take your staff with you on nature walks and when working or doing ritual outdoors.

                   If you would like to buy a Pendulum  like this click here  

this is used for crystal mediation and magic and to find things and many uses 



Candles are important tools    they come in many sizes and shapes and Colors
I use votive candles in small holders for these, but you can choose whatever type suits you.
Candle holders are just as important as the candle  make sure they are in good condition and fireproof


Sea Shells  have a variety of uses   used as an offering dish to keeping treasures safe or
for protecting and charging an object with energy
Seashells are delicate and can break easily so handle with care


Natural stones and Rock found anywhere  

 Sea Glass and glass stone 

are very popular in magick uses
you can find them on the beach or buy them or make them if you have a tumbler  



Crystals are used  for healing and energy and has many many uses  you can find them or buy them



This is a  tool  for cleansing and protection and many many uses this is for directing energy and rituals
you can make it or buy one



There are many type of Tarot Cards  but they all serve the same purpose
to do Tarot Reading 


Statues of Goddess and Gods  or Symbols  such as Pentacle , Eye of Horus, Ankh, Triple Goddess moon,  Valknut , Triquetra , Horned God Symbol  and many others


a Bit of a warning on this 
this is something not used by all Pagans or Wiccans for that matter in fact this should be only be used by those who actually know how to use it and should be handled and used with extreme caution these are not toys these are interdimensional  Gateways from our plane of existence to the next.
Paper board game ones have ZERO magickal energy they have to be made of wood 

Voodou / Poppet Dolls 


Voodou also called poppet dolls  have a wide variety of uses from protection to healing 
when you buy a poppet doll  you want to  leave them on your altar or sacred space and say any prayer or blessing over them asking the Deities you work with to cleans all energy attached to it 
give your doll a name  and work with him or her often  

Any other Tool that you might use that Same Method 

For Every type of Tool listed above to Clean them is simple  Keep them clean dust and get the grime off
do not use chemicals  no harsh cleaning  chemicals   

To cleanse your altar tools of negative energy.

1 White Candle
 Sea Salt is best  do not use table salt
Rosemary ( fresh or dried does not matter )
Sage ( Fresh or dried it does not matter ) 

Place your instruments on your altar. Light a plain white candle (unscented), this represents purity, and recite the following ritual;

 I Conjure  By The Power Of
 ( Insert name of your Goddess and Gods ) , And By The Elements Of Fire, Wind, Earth And Rain, That Thou Shalt Be Clean Of Foul Energy and all attachements, And Obtain Every Virtue Unto Thy selves, And Work In All Manners Directed From This Time On. By The Splendor Of The Planets And The Divine Miracle Of Creation  of the Goddess and God/s (  insert name of your  Deity )  
This is my will  Mote It Be!

Sprinkle your instruments with the consecrated salt & Herbs and cover them with a piece of clean linen (do not use any other fabric). All your equipment is now charged with positive energy and is ready to be used. If you add any new products please repeat the ceremony for these do not want any outside, negative influences affecting your magick!

Good idea to cleanse them every full moon   

Few safety Notes  
Water - Crystals and other stones may be damaged by hot water. Always use cool water. Leather may harden in water. Fabric may run, fade, or shrink - especially in hot.

Sunlight - Gemstones, crystals, and other items may also be damaged - faded, melted, or broken by the heat.    Certain Crystals lose power when exposed to sunlight others Gain energy from sunlight
Do Research on the crystal you are using before  exposing it to sunlight

Salt - Opals,can be damaged by salt, either dry or in water.

Smudging or Flame - Stones may be damaged by heat. Other items, like cloth and plant material, may be flammable - use extreme care.

Before any Spell or ritual is performed the magic spell should be read and understood completely. All items needed for the ritual should be on hand. Rituals should not be taken lightly. Rituals should always be done with respect. you are invoking real deities who will not be amused you conjured them for selfish requests.
you have been warned. ~ Daw

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