Monday, September 23, 2013

Mabon Love Spell

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                        The Legend of the Mabon Fairy 

If a maiden that is deep in love will go with her suitor to a lonely place in the meadows or the woods, or to the moors, and place within her own and her lover's shoe a single oakleaf; and if they both will wait there and contemplate their love, and speak it to one another as evening falls and the stars come out, they will, if their patience is good, behold the fairy host as they come to gamble and sport in the wilds.

so find your True love this Fall by invoking the Mabon Fairy

You need

2 Acorns
2 Oak leaves
a Ribbon
1 Candle ( color is up to you )
2 crystal 
a Treat for the Fairy ( offerings to fairies is usually a sweet treat honey is a good idea )

Open your circle as you normally would

. Put the candle in place. Concentrate on what it is you want to do (obviously summon the fairies). Now light the candle.

Place the 2 leaves on each side and your "gift" in front of the candle. place the crystal on top of the leaves and the Acorns
Now chant: while holding the Ribbon in your hand

Little fairies with tiny feet Play in this garden - but leave it neat Little fairies with hands so sweet I leave this offering - for you to eat Little fairies, if this garden is neat I'll leave more offerings at your tiny feet.

( Leave your Offering ) Little folk of flashing wing, little folk of dancing feet, hear my words to you and bring blessings with you when we meet. please bless this ( Ribbon ) with your Love and Protection
to help bring me the one I so long to meet
my hearts true my soul mate
with harm to none so mote it be 

Let the Candle Burn out on its own keep the Ribbon , Oak leaves, Acorns and Crystal in a sacred spot
and Love will find you

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