Monday, September 23, 2013

Come to me ( LUST OIL )

in the mood a Really Long Time AND Lonely AND Ready for Some LOVIN' action? make Lust Oil and get Lucky

1/4 cup 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil 
1 pinch Rosemary 
1 pinch Cinnamon 
1 pinch Caraway Seed
1 pinch Dill Weed
10 drops Sandalwood Oil
8 drops Jasmine Oil
6 drops Frankincense Oil
5 white Tealight Candles
2 Red Candles
Small Bottle

Mix all of the herbs and oils in a small bowl. then Place them in the small bottle with the Olive Oil. Light the candles and begin.

"In this night,and in this hour, I call upon the Ancient Power.I draw out the feelings you hide so well, These feelings you keep a secret, to me you will tell. The Hidden Desires, The Lusty Fantasies, The Sexual Secrets, will be revealed to me.With Harm to none, so shall it be."

Allow Candle to burn out on its own

now dab the oil on your skin everyday and go get lucky

Before any Spell or ritual is performed the magic spell should be read and understood completely. All items needed for the ritual should be on hand. Rituals should not be taken lightly. Rituals should always be done with respect.~ Daw~

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