Monday, September 23, 2013

How to Use Runes for Divination

Rune Reading is easy for beginners to  the Craft to experts
its not hard to read Runes  anyone can do it  

You need a set of Runes
the Runes can be made of any material you wish
Stone, Wood, Tile,  Crystal, etc 
Incense of choice or a scented Candle of choice  just to set the mood something spicy or musky is a good choice you want to be comfortable   and relaxed and have a clear mind.

Get into a comfortable sitting position

Clear and focus your mind. Hold the bag of stones in your receptive hand.

With the fingers of your receptive hand, "shuffle" the stones in the bag to mix them up.

Either mentally or aloud, ask your question. Remove four stones, one at a time, from the bag. Read each stone's inscription before you place it on the flat surface where you are working.

From left to right, lay out the stones that you have chosen. The first stone represents  The past ( sometimes past lives)  second stone represents the present , third stone represents the  future  and the fourth represents the overall energies/lessons if all behaviors remain unchanged.

Once again, if you are taking notes on the reading, be sure to write down the date, time, place and type of reading (ie: four stone reading or one stone reading).

When you are Done, Thank the Gods, Goddess and Spirits for the answers you seek

For a More Detailed Explaining what Runes mean

Warning do not do this while under the influence of Drugs or Alcohol   you must have a clear mind

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