Monday, September 23, 2013

Bear Magic ( Bravery, Courage, Strength )

The Bear Represents  Strength, Courage, Bravery 
 Bear Magic is Strong,  This spell is based on Celtic and Native American Traditions with a modern update

For this spell  Normally you will need a Bear Claw but as most of us are 
  unable to obtain a bear claw   then use a Stone or a Bone  and Engrave this symbol on the stone
you will also need 
1 blue candle
1 brown candle
1 white candle
dried  white or purple sage
 the peel  of a lemon and an orange
a Bowl  or a Sea Shell 
SandalWood or  Pine incense  any kind of earthy wood incense is good
a bowl glass bowl, ceramic bowl or even a sea shell works fine
clean water 

Start off by opening and purifying your Circle
Light the White candle and Blue candle   ( not the brown one yet )

Mix the water in the bowl with the orange peel,lemon peel  and sage 
Light the incense and  say

Great Spirits in the heavens  Lord and Lady ( insert name of your deity ) I call to you now,
I need your help I just dont know how.
I ask if you could give me a boost,
Make me feel brave and true
I Summon courage from within, 
I call on all my strength and love, 
Send me power from above.

Hold your object ( bone or Stone )
now light the brown candle and pass the object over the  candle flame 
take the purified water  and  anoint your body with the water in the symbol of the bear
Forehead & Heart 
while saying

Burning flame of courage
Cooling wind of strength
 I call upon thee.
To lend me the courage and bravery I need.
My spirit unbreakable, my resolution untakeable.
With courage of a lion I become,
I being that can overcome.
( insert need reason why you need the courage )
With  Harm to none 
I thank the Lord and Lady
for honoring me with their presence
and filling me with courage and strength

Repeat this 3 times

Meditate for a moment stare at the candles   watch the flames you will see your message in the flame
Snuff the candle out when ready

Close your Circle, Thank the Great Spirits and Lord and Lady 
take the rest of the candle and bury it and pour  the water over the candles before you bury them.

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