Sunday, September 22, 2013

Cougar Oil

This is to increase Libido and Desire and to attract
what you desire most ( Sex ) 
Confessions of Crafty Witches

6 drops rose oil
6 drops sandalwood
3 drops ylang ylang
3 drops ginger
2 drops patchouli
2 drops vanilla oil
3 drops rosemary oil
3 drops cinnamon oil
1 Red Candle

Mix well, add To 10mls (1/8 cup) carrier oil such as Sweet Almond, Peach Kernel, Jojoba or Grape Seed Oil, Avocado oil etc
and anoint self and candles with oil.

Light a single candle. Hold the candle with both hands. Speak the following words:

Place a bowl of water on your altar, or on the ground gaze into it, infusing the oil with the water speak to the bowl what you desire most


"In this night,and in this hour, I call upon the Ancient Power.I draw out the feelings you hide so well, These feelings you keep a secret, to me you will tell. The Hidden Desires, The Lusty Fantasies, The Sexual Secrets, will be revealed to me.With Harm to none, so shall it be."

Meditate for while watching the candle flickering until it burns out
then close your circle

now wear the oil behind your ears , on the wrists , and back of neck
and it will attract people. and increase your desire and everyone else around you.

Before any Spell or ritual is performed the magic spell should be read and understood completely. All items needed for the ritual should be on hand. Rituals should not be taken lightly. Rituals should always be done with respect.~ Daw~

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