Monday, September 23, 2013

Pagan Funeral Ritual

Recently  my Neighbor Alan Committed suicide  he was a Vet and he was was suffering from mental illness from the  Horrors of War        I was asked to do a Ritual by his Sister 
This is the Ritual I performed   you may modify this to suit your needs  

Things You'll Need
3 Sage Sticks
1 Rosemary Sage Stick
1 Green Candle
3 White Candles
1 white floating candle
Items of Deceased or Picture of Decased
Herb infused olive oil
infused with the following herbs Rosemary , Garlic , Sage ,Basil , Lavender, Willow,Sandalwood
Fresh or Dried Herbs 1 teaspoon of Rosemary , Garlic , Sage ,Basil , Lavender, Willow,Sandalwood
A pitcher of water and a Bowl
a Bell

 to begin  Anoint candles with oil     and Item and Picture of Deceased
Salt the  Window Sills and Doorways  add Herbs  
Ring Bell 3 times   

Say the following 

 We are here "to remember  Insert name of Deceased  name, born_________, died____________. He/She has gone on to Summerland and now awaits rebirth."

Light Sage Sticks  move sage stick around the Room and over item and Picture of Deceased
God and Goddess Who rule this place:
I offer myself to your service.
Purify my spirit,
make me a channel of your will
that where there is suffering,
I may stand as a beacon of hope.

Light  White Candles

All Father of All  Help ( insert name of deceased )  to Peace bring them love and joy

May   ( insert name of deceased ) not miss beauty.
For He/She is in beauty beyond Words of the Summerlands
may ( insert name of deceased ) not miss joy,
For He/She  is Free of Pain now 
may ( insert name of deceased ) not miss Love.
For  He/She is Loved by many in this life and the next world.
May ( insert name of deceased ) not miss  fear
for He/She  is filled by Love of those who miss him
May  ( insert name of deceased )  not miss  Pain
For He/She is now free from pain

Light Green Candle

All Mother of all 
May ( insert name of deceased ) not miss  his loved ones
For He/she is loved forever by his loved ones
May ( insert name of deceased ) not miss Peace
For He / She  has found peace in  your arms
May ( insert name of deceased )  Not miss Rest
For  He/She is Resting with you until we are all together again
May ( insert name of deceased )  not miss Laughter 
For  He/ She  brought laughter and memories to so many 

Pour Water  into Bowl add  Herbs  place floating candle into bowl 
Sage over the Bowl
Ring Bell 2 times  Pause a minute in silence  Ring bell one more time

( insert name of deceased ) whose smile was brighter than the sun,
Whose delight was in things both great and small,
Who loved completely, and was loved completely.

"I pray you welcome him into the Summerlands, 
And that he might rest in your great house.

where( insert name of deceased )memory shall dwell forever. 
I bid you  ( insert name of deceased )  a pleasant journey, 
and a peaceful sojourn. 
Rest well, 
be renewed 
and return again. 
Fare thee well, forever.

So mote it be.

Allow Candles to Burn out on their own   Close Circle
Thank the Goddess and Gods in your own way

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