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How to make a Magick wand

Many Pagans and Wiccans use Magick Wands in Rituals and Ceremonies and also for Display on an Altar 

Pagans/ Wiccans often use wands for their magical workings. You can buy beautiful wands online, but it's a good experience to choose the wood and designs and make one on your own. The more energy you put into your wand, the more powerful it will become 


ALDER  Alder wands are used for witchcraft magick rituals concerning with charisma, journeys, self confidence, bravery, supervision skills, and spiritual growth. Also used in shielding the astral self from unwanted intrusion from other realms.

APPLE - This is a powerful wood of choice for the witch when working with the fairie magick. Apple is a good wood for aiding in the propagation of skills, often used in love magick. Apple wood promotes peace and harmony, magick of light and the divine, and promotes visions.

ASH - The Ash wand is an excellent wood for promoting brain power, aids in communication, intelligence, wisdom, and promotes curiosity. Use this wood to remove mental blockages and aid in the promotion of word use and understanding. It is the wood of the writer, poet, and scholar. Promotes spiritual love and health. Protects against unwanted change. Brings balance to the mind. It is said that warts rubbed on the bark will be absorbed into the tree. Use for protection from drowning, magickal effectiveness, sea power, and healing. Ash is also used for protection, finding special roots, horse magick, enhances skills of arts and crafts, justice, weather magick, and for working with the magick of cave and wells.

BASSWOOD - Basswood wands are used for creative endeavors, star magick, enlightenment, love, attraction, healing, and enchantments.

BEECH - Beech wands are used in the magick of divination. Reduces swellings and skin inflammations. Helps to balance mental health. Aspiration, desire, and victory are all key elements of this wood. Used while working with ancestors, old wisdom, and magickal research. Beech is a sacred wood of the summer solstice.

BIRCH - The Birch wand is used in many cleansing rituals. Birch is a symbol of rebirth, renewal, and diligence. Some use this wood to aid in the calming of emotions. The bark helps to heal wounds and burns. Many European communities use or have used, birch twigs to expel evil spirits. Some cultures utilize birch rods in rituals designed to drive out spirits of the old year. Controlled by Moon influences to include; birth, Lunar spells, healing, and protection. Birch by tradition has been linked to youth and new beginnings. Use in rituals that signify a new start of any endeavor.

CEDAR Cedar wands cleanses negative atmospheres. Used for the creation of sacred spaces. Related to longevity, protection, and preservation. Often used to summon helpful spirits during rituals and invocations.

CHERRY - Cherry wands are very centered and has very grounded energy. Earth energy is very well grounded, unwavering, and solid. Cherry is used in ritual to stabilize and focus. Cherry is often used for intuitive and insight and to overcome obstacles. This is an excellent choice for divination or medium work, as well as healing and love magic. Cherry is suited for use in hunting magick, working with animals and familiars, eroticism, unification of covens and groups, spells of detection, and amplifying spell work.

ELDER - Elder wands are most often used in Faerie Magic, banishment, magical arts, protection from evil, imagination, change, and healing.

ELM - Use of the Elm wands is strong in magic used concerning endurance, fertility, horticulture, passage thru death and phases of life, rebirth, and invocation of the Goddess. Elm adds stability, grounding, and focus to spell working.

HAWTHORN - Hawthorn wands open insight, provides psychic protection, encourages creativity, used to make charms, aids in the development of self confidence, purification, develops patience, detects magic since it is deeply magical from outer realms, used in weather working, banishment of evil spirits, concealing magic, chastity, male potency, and fairy magick.

HAZEL - Artistic ability, magical knowledge, and optimism are provided by the enchanting use of Hazel. The energy of hazel wands promoted love and creativity allowing a person to move beyond self-serving modes of existence. Hazel is the bringer of change. Hazel also promotes creative expression, eloquence, and art of all types. This was the most common wood used to create wands in the ancient Celtic traditions. Also used in magic spells for wisdom, creativity, intelligence, navigation, inspiration, and wrath.

HICKORY - Use this wand in magic that seeks direction, abundance, wholeness, and general acquisitions. It can be a source for developing leadership skill and creating an influence of presence.

HONEY LOCUST -  A mighty wand of protection and bindings. Use while working with the fairy realm. Some use this wood with spells that deal with beauty and physical appearances.

HOLLY -  Purity, strength, logic, power transfer, protection. Holly wands are often used in magic concerning sleep. It is said that a man who carries the leaves and berries of holly is irresistible to women. Since the story of the ruler ship of the Holly King and the Oak King deal with cycles and rebirth, it is often used in magic to ease the loss of loved ones to death. It also carries properties of the sacred, material advance, physical revenge, and beauty.

IVY - Determination, strength, optimism, spiritual growth. Ivy is a fine wand for protection, good against wayward spirits and angry elementals, ensures success in business and all new endeavors.

LILAC - Lilac wands are good for magic dealing with romance, love, and passion. Superb when utilizing magics for the realm of intellect, communication, mental concentration. Enhances sexual pleasure. Lilac provides protection during travel. When dealing with illusion magic, this wood is very adequate, as with the divining arts.

MAPLE Some cultures primarily use Maple wands for spiritual healing. Maple is a traveler's wood. It enhances intellectual pursuits, acquiring knowledge, and communication. Spells concerning art, beauty, binding, and abundance should consider using this wood. The gypsies believe Maple brings gold and that eating the seeds draws love.

OAK - Truth, steadfast knowledge, protection. Oak wands bring vitality and long life. To the ancient Celtic people, oak was the protector, provider, benevolent king of the trees. Utilized as a healing wood, and very will grounded considering its strong connection to the earth. This wood helps center the mind, allowing it to focus on the task at hand and ignore distractions. Oak help promote both observation and intuition. Oak magic inspires bravery, presence, leadership skills, prosperity, and strength.

OSAGE ORANGE - This wood is famous for its ability to repel household pests and resist rot. Recommended to use this wand in magicks dealing with astral healing, spirit guides, and animal guides. This wood aides in the pursuit of goals and passions.

POPLAR - Poplar wands have an incredibly diverse energy, allowing it to be an all-purpose wood for magickal workings. The diversity of the energy in this wood makes it useful for evocation as well as banishment rituals. It is also strong with the elements of hope, rebirth, and divinations.

Rowan is the tree of power, causing life and magic to flower."
Rowan is a fast-growing pioneer tree in the Caledonian Forest, characterised by its brilliant red berries at the end of summer.
The word "Rowan" is derived from the Old Norse name for the tree, raun or rogn, and might be related to the word "rune" which means "magic, secret." Some say the Runes (a type of alphabet used by Germanic tribes for over a thousand years) were traditionally carved from sticks from the Rowan tree, with each letter of the alphabet being named for a different tree. An early name for the Rowan tree was "Luis," which is the second letter of the Rune alphabet.
Celtic people that the Rowan tree could offer protection from evil spirits.
The berries contain a high concentration of Vitamin C, a good preventative and treatment for scurvy. They also contain organic acids, tannins, sugars. The berries have been used to make general tonics for the body since the ripe berries are mildly purgative and diuretic.
 Rowan is helpful with clearing the mind and opening our inspiration. The Essence of Rowan is used in vibrational medicine to assist in attuning us to nature, broadening perspectives, and making room for a deeper understanding of our place here in the universe.  It also has a significant role in protection. Rowan wood was traditionally used to make spindles and spinning wheels, tool handles, stakes and pegs, dowsing and divining rods. A rowan wand or walking stick will protect you from being harmed on a journey and bring spiritual enlightenment along your path.   To the Celts the Rowan was a symbol of the hidden mysteries of nature and the quickening of the life force.   Scottish tradition did not allow for the use of Rowan wood for any other purpose than ritual.

SASSAFRAS Early settlers also believed that beds made from sassafras would drive away evil spirits and give people restful sleep. Eases problems with the digestive system. Burying money near the roots of a Sassafras tree brings prosperity.

VINE Vinewood wands encourage spiritual initiation, faerie work, joy spells, excitement, rebirth., sacred knowledge, and authority.

BLACK WALNUT - Black walnut wands are well used in magics of teleportation, astral travel, weather working, averting lightening, powers of the wind and breath, and motivation.

WILLOW -  Willow wands are strong in the cycles of life dealing with death and rebirth, change, the will. It is a very emotional wood. Willow can add vital energy to the sick and elderly. Some say that burning willow can soothe and guide the souls of the recently deceased. Willow wood is the very essence of magick, not just the mere making a tool into a magical one, willow makes the tool magickal. Willow will align itself to the inner will of the party that shares its energy. The stronger the will, the more effective the wood. Willow is extremely useful in healing. It is also good for love spells and rituals involving emotion. It strengthens the third eye, and is a great tool for divination as well.

The following trees are sacred to the Pagan Deities, Nymphs and Heroes listed after them.

ALMOND: Artemis, Attis, Chandra, Hecate, Jupiter, Phyllis,and Zeus.
APPLE TREE: Aphrodite, Flora, Hercules, the Hesperides, Frey,Idhunn, Pomona, and all Love Goddesses.
ASH: Akka, Mars, Odin, Poseidon, and Rauni
ASPEN: Gaia (Mother Earth), the Maruts, Nunu, and Zeus
AVOCADO: Flora and Pomona
BANYAN: Hina, Shu, Siva, Vishnu, and Zeus
BAY LAUREL: Apollo, Adonis, Buddha, Ra, Artemis, Gaia(Mother Earth), Mars, Helios, Aesculapius, and Daphne
BEECH: Bacchus, Diana, Dionysus, and Hercules
BIRCH: Thor, Kupala, and the Lady of the Woods
BO TREE: Buddha
BREADFRUIT TREE: Pukuha Kana and Opimea
CEDAR: Artemis, EA, and Wotan
CHERRY TREE: Flora, Pomona, and Maya, the Virgin Mother of Buddha
COCONUT TREE: Ganymede and Tamaa
CYPRESS: Ahura Mazda, Apollo, Artemis, Astarte, Beroth, Cupid,Dis, the Fates, the Furies, Hades, Hercules, Jove, melcarth, Mithra, Ohrmazed,Pluto, Saturn, and Zoroaster   
DOGWOOD: Apollo, Consus, and Mars
ELDER: the Dryads, Elle Woman, Freya, Holda, Hylde-Moer,Venus, and all Mother Goddess figures
ELM: the Devas, Embla, Ut, and Vertumnus
FICUS: Romulus and Remus
FIG: Bacchus, Brahma, Dionysus, Flora, Jesus Christ, Junocaprotina, Mars, Mohammed, Pluto, Pomona, Zeus, and the Endo-Iranian Great Mother.
FIR: Bacchus, Dionysus, Tapio, Byblos, Athene, Pan, Cybele,Artemis, Diana, and other Lunar Goddesses
HAWTHORN: Cardea and Hymen
HAZEL: Thor and Chandra
ILEX: Faunus
MAPLE: Nanabozho
MULBERRY: Flora, Minerva, Pomona, and San Ku Fu Jen
MYRRH: Adonis, Aphrodite, Cybele, Demeter, Hecate, Juno,Mara, Myrrha, Ra, Rhea, and Saturn
MYRTLE: Alcina, Aphrodite, Artemis, Astarte, Dionysus,Hathor, Myrsine, Myrtelus, and Venus
OAK: Allah, Ares, Balder, Blodeuwedd, Brahma, Ceres, Dagda,Demeter, Diana, Dianus, the Dryads, Hades, Har Hou, Hera, Hercules, Horus,Janicot, Jehova, Jumala, Jupiter, Kashiwa-No-Kami, Mars, Odin, Perkunas, Perun,Pluto, Taara, Thor, Zeus, and all Thunder Gods
OLIVE TREE: Amen-Ra, Apollo, Aristaeus, Athena, Brahma,Flora, Ganymede, Indra, Jupiter, Minerva, Pomona, Poseidon, Wotan, Zeus, andall Sun Gods
ORANGE TREE: Hera and Zeus
PALM: Aphrodite, Apollo, Astarte, Baal-Peor, Chango,Hanuman, Hermes, Mercury, and Sarasvati
PEACH TREE: Flora, Pomona, Shou-Hsing, and Wang Mu
PINE: Attis, Cybele, Dionysus, Pan, Poseidon, Rhea,Shou-Hsing, and Silvanus
PLUM TREE: Flora and Pomona
POMEGRANATE: Du’uzu, Hera, Kubaba, Mercury, Persephone,Saturn, and Uranus.
POPLAR: Brahma, Dis, the Heliades, Hercules, Persephone,Phaeton, Pluto, and Zeus
QUINCE: Aphrodite and Venus
ROWAN: All Moon Goddessess
STORAX: Loki, Mercury, and Thoth
SYCAMORE: All Egyptian Gods and Goddessess
WALNUT: Dionysus
WILLOW: Artemis, Beli, Brigid, Circe, Hecate, Helice, Hera,Hermes, Orpheus, Osiris, Persephone, and all death aspects of the Triple Moon Goddess
YEW: Hecate and Saturn

Here is how you make your own Magick Wand 

1.Find a well-grown tree with many branches. (it is traditional to use oak, willow, or ash wood) 

2.Ask the tree for Permission if you can use one of its branches for a wand. Meditate a while to receive an answer. If you feel guilt, the tree said 'No'. You must find another tree. If not, it said 'Yes'. 

3.Carefully cut a sturdy branch using a sharp knife, bollines are traditional. Make sure to make a clean, straight cut 

Tip. Rub Wax to prevent insects from harming the Tree 

4.Thank the Tree Add an offering such as cornmeal, fruit, or just water. 

5.Sand of the bark, leaves, and stubs, to get a smooth surface all around. 

6.Use a sharp knife to whittle a handle. This can be elaborate designs, or simply a straight line. 

7.Carve runes into the wand, saying the properties of the rune as you sketch it. At this point carve any sigils into the wood that you require. Plan a design – make it realistic to make sure you can follow it through. Don’t change your mind halfway, as you need to embody the wand with the concept that what you will DOES come to pass, including the design you planned! 

8.Put a Small Groove into the Tip of the Wand and Add a pointed crystal at the tip, gluing it down using super glue. Quartz works best 

9.Glue on one of your hairs to the wand's tip to infuse your power in it. 

10.Now, the rest is optional...Some paint their wands, add clay, yarn, or ribbon.You may also add a copper wire loop to add additional charms and talismans to the wand. It is also wonderful to add bits of nature, such as shells, moss, dried flowers, leaves, seeds, nuts, etc. All things in nature have magickal energy. The wand you make will always help you in very special ways 

Add Runes  here is a list here 

                     or add other symbols that you wish

Blessing the wand after creating it is important, this can be done by sprinkling Blessed water on the wand under the light of a full moon. Then letting it soak in the moonlight for a few hours. 

Wrap the wand to prevent any damage that can possibly hurt it. 

If you have any pets, add their fur or feathers to the wand, infusing it with the animal's energy. 

Varnish with transparent varnish. 

You can also use Bone or Deer Antler as well 

You can also go non traditional   and make a Steampunk version 

You can use Wood or use Copper Pipe 
Copper is a great conductor of energy   
Add Cogs / Wheels/  Clock parts
Chains ,Crystals  and much more   
your imagination is your only limit here are some to inspire you to be crafty

 Remember There is no wrong way each wand is unique to the style of the person making it and the personality of the person so do something that matches you.     

Keep on being a Crafty Witch  

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