Saturday, September 14, 2013

Coming of Age Ceremony

                        This is my Step Daughter who I love as if she was my own ~ Daw~   
She is Vadoras  oldest Daughter 
This Ritual is one I made myself   based on Coming of Age Ceremonies from multiple Voodoo and non Voodoo Rituals and Religions    

I did this Ritual for my Step Daughters 21st Birthday

You need the Following

3 Purple Candles you can use tea light or Votive candles 

3 Red Candles you can use tea light or Votive candles 

3 Black Candles  you can use tea light or Votive candles  

1 white candle

a Bottle of Rum 

a Block of Wood 

a Baron Samedi Statue


a Cigar 

a  Cup of Coffee   Stronger the better Baron likes Strong Brewed Coffee
and Coffee beans

Incense  I used Sandalwood  

hot peppers ( optional ) 

Desserts  2 kinds one tart one sweet  example cheesecake or Tart or pie  or  lemon curd or  key lime pie etc but must be 2 desserts and  picked out by the person who ceremony is for 


 Sigil of the Baron   here are some examples

Music: Drums music - I recommend a CD called Drums of Trinidad, and whatever else you like

Place the Baron statue on the wooden block  on a plate  or altar

Trace the Sigil of baron and put it on the wooden block

  mix  salt, cinnamon in a jar  burn incense and collect the ash and mix it into the jar along with coffee beans 
you can add hot peppers  ( optional )  

sprinkle the salt /cinnamon mix  on the altar / plate 

burn incense and play the music

To Start  Give the person  a Shot of Rum and you have a shot of Rum  Spit a shot of rum on the Altar on the baron and on the person who the ceremony is for   ( AVOID THE EYES )

give baron a shot of rum pour some over him   and  spit rum on the altar

now light the candles   start with purple then red then black

you can say this in English Creole or Latin 

Say: Listen spirits of the ancestors! 
Welcome to the spirits of my ancestors! 
Be welcome and content in this place!

Papa Legba, open the gate for me! Open the gate for me Papa, so that I may pass. When I return I will thank the loa!
I light this flame that you may see me and be with me.

I greet and honor you! 
 Baron La Croix I ask of you on this special day  ( name of Person ) 

Place hands over Baron statue raise a shot of Rum for Energy and project

Say: This is for the future.

Now  put Shot of Rum behind back, hold with both hands and extend arms out as far as possible. 

Say: This is for the past.

Offer Shot of Rum to right extending arms.
Say: This is for the astral world.

Offer shot of Rum to left extending arms.
Say: This is for the material world.

Blow out the Candles   and Take a shot of rum and the person take a shot of rum and everyone in the room also takes a shot of rum

Say: Baron Samedi Sevis  Help ( name of Person ) in Past, present, Future in life and in the afterlife until we are all together again

Speak to Baron Samedi. Pour out a little pepper rum three times on the ground. Light Red candles. 

Light some incense.

Person who ceremony is for lights the purple candles
mother/ Father or loved one  lights the Black Candles

Say this 

Baron Samedi Sevis

ouvre baye pou mwen, Ago eh!

Baron Samedi Sevis

Ouvre baye pou mwen,
Ouvre baye pou mwen, 
Samedi Sevis
Pou mwen passe, Le'm tounnen map remesi Lwa yo!

Light a Cigar and huff a few puffs blow the smoke at the candles and at baron and around the person who the ceremony is for
Place Cigar on the wooden block next to baron

look at the smoke Baron will appear in the smoke

Say This 
Turn to the person who ceremony is for
Baron Samedi Sevis   Guide this person on their path
help them with ( Ten things you want the Baron to help you with )  The Person who ceremony is for says what the ten things they want the baron to help them with

smear some ash from the incense and salt  on the persons hand or forehead  into a heart symbol 

everyone have another shot of rum and offer some to baron
now offer the baron Coffee with cinnamon sticks  

Say this 

Baron Samedi Sevis
  - Lord of the Crossroads, Papa Legba - Keeper of the Gates we now thank you for opening the gates to the lwa and spirits and now request that you close the gates, and accept the offerings I have given and be propitious and heed our requests and speak on my behalf with the lwa.

May you protect and watch over me Papa Legba and 
Baron Samedi Sevis 
at all times.

Now may we go our ways until such time as I shall have need and shall call upon you again to assist us in the sacred rites and rituals.

Au revoir Baron Carrefour! 

Papa Legba, Ago-e!

Hail and farewell.

allow candles to burn out on their own. 

have Dessert and have 2 types of Dessert  one sweet one tart
the person who the ceremony is for  is to choose 

after dessert the Ritual Ends

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