Sunday, September 22, 2013

Dream oil

17 drops chamomile oil
5 drops sandalwood oil
3 drops lemon

Green candle
11 white candles

Place ingredients in a jar and stir it clockwise.
Let it sit for 13 nights.
Cast a circle and light all candles but one green candle.
Anoint the candle with a few drops of the Dream oil oil

burn it over the green candle and say:
by Fire and Herb I summon thee ( insert name of your Deity )
Enter my Circle and let me see ( insert your problem )
Let me see a solution while I dream
Dream and Guide me ( insert name of your Deity )
Fill me with Your presence
that I might not stand alone.
Fill me with Your strength
that I might not falter.
Fill me with Your wisdom
that I might not be deceived.
Accept me, ( insert name of your Deity )
enfold me with Your love
and guide me forever more.

Keep the jar with you and go to bed it will bring you Dreams
of the past and future

Now a Note you can not control what you dream of
its totally Random of things of this life lime and past lives

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