Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Rune Protection of Animals

We Love our Pets and want to protect them
Runes can be used on protection of Animals 
When we work with Nature we are often called upon to protect her creatures. These would range from our own pets to animals in the wild and also those animals which have become our totem animals

you need basic understanding of the runes
Algiz (rune of protection)
Ansuz ( rune of balance )
Teiwaz ( rune of healing )
Sowilo/Sigel ( Rune of strength)

if you want to know what they look like Look at the Photo above

Leash or Collar or favorite toy of the Pet
Fur or nail clippings and/or name tag (vaccination tags will also do)
Picture or figurine of the animal ( to represent them )
Two green candles
One white candle
Protection oil see below

Protection Oil:
1 tsp Sandalwood oil
1 tsp Lavender petals or oil
1 tsp Rosemary dried
1 tsp orange zest
1 tsp Dragon’s Blood resin
2 teaspoons of catnip (even if you have a dog or other kind of pet!)
2 teaspoons of dried cedar
One bay leaf
4 ounces of Grape Seed oil or Almond oil or any carrier oil
mix together and keep in a airtight container

Open your Circle invoke your Deities

Carve the Runes into the candles
Anoint the candle with protection oil Light the candle
now say In the name of the Lord and Lady
( insert name )
this circle is open and protected

Place the Leash/ Fur/ Nail Clipping next to the Candles
Carve the Runes into the Leash / Collar ( a Wood burning tool works good) and Tags and photograph of the pet.
Anoint the objects with the protection oil

Put the Collar/ Leash/ Fur/ Nail clippings and photograph under the white candle or the figurine next to it and say:

Lord and Lady ( insert name )
Protectors of mankind I your child ask
All Father
( insert name ) I ask your Strength and Protection
All Mother
( insert name ) I ask your Wisdom and Love
Give your protection here this night.
( pets name ) with every step ( he/she ) Takes
help me to protect and strengthen
the connection of love between us
let this charm be blessed with protection and health
So let this spell be done
so mote it be.

Allow the Candles to burn out on their own
the Objects are now infused with protection and healing energy
recharge the protection oil at every full moon.

Before any Spell or ritual is performed the magic spell should be read and understood completely. All items needed for the ritual should be on hand. Rituals should not be taken lightly. Rituals should always be done with respect. you are invoking real deities who will not be amused you conjured them for selfish requests.
you have been warned. ~ Daw~

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