Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Consecrate Your Runes

Before you Start using Runes you have to Consecrate them
this is simple and easy to do 


A Crystal
Some Spring Water
A Few Pinches of Salt
Set of Runes

2 white candles
Chalice or mug

Set up your Sacred place
Place your 2 Candles and place the bowl of water between the candles Place the Crystal in the water sprinkle the water with salt
Light the Candles

By the ancient powers, from the mists of time,
Hail Odin, Father and wise one , Master of the Runes
I ( insert your name ) welcome You, May Your Valkyries find me worthy
When the web of my life is cut.
Through Your Gift we glimpse the web of Wyrd
So do i seek the knowledge Your Staves reveal.
I mark these Runes, with your powerful sign,
Hold up Runes ( have them in a muslin bag or mojo bag )
Wherever I travel, wherever I roam,
Protect me well, and bring me home'.
May I sit in Valhalla, with ever flowing honey mead
( Raise bowl )
Patron to the skalds,Spear Shaker
Bringer of the mead of inspiration
May my words be pleasing to Your ears.
( Raise the mead )
Accept my offering, O Father and bless me with your Wisdom.
Bring forth that which is good, and sustaining
For every living thing
Hail Odin
I thank you.

Now your Runes are ready to be used.

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