Wednesday, October 30, 2013

House Blessing Spell

Confessions of Crafty Witches
This Spells is to Cast out any unwanted Energy or Spirits or negative Vibes from a home this can be done in a new home or current home

You need

A Deck of Cards Regular Cards or Tarot cards
I like to put Runes or Sigils on the Cards
3 White Candles

Grind the following together in a spice mill or using
a mortar and pestle:
1/4 cup sea salt
1/4 cup lavender
1/4 cup rosemary
2 Tablespoons peppermint
1 tsp angelica
A small pinch of dragon's blood resin and/or sandalwood
a Sprig of Sage
1 Glass Jar
Plastic will not work it has to be Glass for this spell
Black Magic Marker
Set this aside


on the Candles inscribe your name and your Goddess and God Name and Symbols Triple moon etc who you honor

inscribe Protect this home on the candles

Take your Cards on each Card using a Black Marker Write the Following ( name of Goddess and God and symbols of each )protect my home. may the Darkness pass may anything negative leave this place, May it harm none so mote it be!

Note you do not need to do the entire Deck just do one card for how many Rooms ( including basement , Garage and Attic in your home or apartment and more for outside

Take your Glass Jar and pour the Salt herb mixture 1/4 cup into the jar. Lay a Card in and Layer each card put in a card cover with Salt herb mixture put in another card and Repeat until the Jar is full of Cards and Salt herb mixture.
it does not matter which direction the Cards face
just layer each card with salt/ Herb mixture

Now Let this Jar Sit for a 7 days each day burn white candles around it

on the 7th day take the cards out of the Salt Herb mixture
place the Cards in hidden places around your home behind a mirror or a picture frame one in each room

Place the Cards outside your home anywhere you wish in a flower pot under a stone etc Protect your home on all sides creating a Barrier from anything Negative from entering your home

What you have done is magically Charged the Cards with a protection spell they will be need to be recharged once a year usually at Samhain or Beltane for best results recharge every full moon

Burn the Candles and let the wax drippings into the salt herb mixture
Scatter this mixture on the outside of your home
to further enhance the protection spell .

Spell Credit Daw of Confessions of crafty witches
Photo Credit Kirsty Mitchell Photography found on tumblr

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