Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Prophetic Rune Dream Spell

We all  have questions  about our past and future this Spell,
 allows you to have  prophetic dreams  to find the answers you seek
this is a Basic beginner spell that  is easy for anyone to do

you need 
1 citrine, amethyst  or clear quartz crystal
1 white candle 
The Runes 
Raidho  Meaning    Travel, both in physical terms and those of lifestyle direction, astral projection.
Sowilo  Meaning   Success, goals achieved, honor. The life-force, Contact between the higher self and the unconscious
Mannaz Meaning   The Self; the individual or the human race. Intelligence, forethought

Start by opening  your circle and make sure there are no outside influences that will hinder you and your work)
Take your Candle and Carve the  Runes into it (   Do not use your Athame )
if you do not know what the Runes look like  look at the picture above

Light the candle and meditate lightly to center yourself. 
When you feel ready open your eyes and pick up the Crystal. in your dominant hand.

Look into the Crystal see the Flames thru the Crystal
Lord and Lady ( insert name of your Deity )
I call to you for Advice and Love 
Lord and Lady  (  Insert name of your Deity ) 
Share with me your Wisdom and knowledge 
Wake my sight and teach me to see 
With sight of past and future vision
To help all those with tough decisions
Growing stronger with each hour
Both sacred strength and sacred power
The visions I seek and secrets I will learn.
( insert reason why you want to see ) 
( this is where you ask 3 questions about anything you want to see ) 
Let my future soon be known
Fill my head till light of day
Send prophetic dreams my way
with harm to none so mote it be.

Place the crystal next to the candle 

Meditate  for a few moments  then close your circle Thanking the Goddess and Gods and spirits you invoked

Let the Candle burn out on its own

when the candle burns out take the crystal and put it under your 
pillow and go to bed and dream  
answers you want shall be revealed to you
pay attention to your dreams and the next day
you will have signs so pay attention.

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