Saturday, October 5, 2013

Rune Awakening Spell

Everyone has Hidden Psychic abilities or Hidden abilities , Talents and Gifts , the third Chakra 
some of use do not know how to unlock these gifts but this Rune Spell
  can help you unlock your hidden talents and open your mind and soul  to awaken.

You need  

3 White Candles
Salt, Rosemary  & Sage
a Mirror
Chalice  or Glass
Mead or Wine  or Grape juice 
 Incense  ( pick your favorite ) 
The Runes 

                                          Cast a Protection Spells and Open your Circle
Set up your mirror  casting salt , rosemary & Sage around the mirror
on each Candle Write the Runes 

Light the First Candle 
sit in the lotus position and relax hands on your knee’s and connect index finger and thumb or for beginners you can sit in a chair
Burn incense 
 and collect the ashes Looking into the mirror  put the runes on your forehead using the ash
the order does not matter
now when ready Look into the mirror 
and Say

Lord and Lady ( insert name of your deity )  welcome 
Ancient power hidden inside me,
I call upon your power ,
find a way to help me,
unlock the powers inside me,

                                                              Light the Second candle
                                              Maiden, Mother, Crone Divine I invoke thee.
                               Hunter, Father,Sage Divine  I invoke Thee
                             This Magic Time , This hour of Magic
                             I ask you to lend me your power
                             to see and unlock  the hidden powers inside me
                                    Hold up Chalice offer it to the mirror and take a sip or the Wine
                                                                  Light the Third candle
                   Bless me Lord and Lady ( insert name ) with your Love
    I  ( insert your name) ask for knowledge and wisdom of the ages
                   ( Ask 3 Questions  what you want  the Goddess and Gods to help you unlock )
                                                       I call upon your power,
find a way to help me,
unlock the powers inside me,
With harm to none so mote it be  

Meditate for a moment 
Watch the mirror  and the candles 
when you are ready
Close your circle thanking the Goddess and Gods in your own manner
Let the candle burn out 
Go to bed and Dream and your mind is awakened  

Artist   Ana Luísa Pinto [Luminous Photography]

Ana Luísa Pinto [Luminous Photography]

Ana Luísa Pinto [Luminous Photography]

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