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How to make a Witch Bottle

How to make a Witch Bottle
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First up lets talk about What is a Witch bottle

A little bit of broken glass, rusty nails, hair and fingernail clippings placed inside of a glass or ceramic bottle. Sounds rather interesting don't it, but why would you do that? What purpose does it serve? What symbolism is trying to be conveyed? 

What was just described is what is generally referred to as a Witch Bottle. It is used mostly for protection and banishing, though I have personally used them for drawing and wish magick as well with great success. Bottles such as these have been found in rivers and lakes dating from the Middle Ages, and closed up in walls into the present day. The size and contents vary, but the purpose is the same, to banish evil, keep bad luck away, and to protect the home. Traditionally they were made from Clay Pots as  Glass bottles were hard to make back then
today its easier to obtain a glass bottle or jar  Alcohol bottles such as Vodka or Wine bottles I find work best

There is no one single way to make a Witch bottle as it Varies depending on what kind and what its use will be

some suggestions of ideas are  
The rusty metal, such as nails, razor blades and wire, broken bits of glass and pottery, thorns from various plants, and anything else sharp and/or rusty are placed into the bottle to "keep away" whatever it is that you are trying to banish. You want to make it as uncomfortable seeming as possible. Add to that a lock of hair, fingernail clippings, a picture, or at the least a name on a piece of paper to that. This now gives a connection to what you are banishing, be it a person or just bad luck. Many instructions for making witch bottles say to use urine to fill the bottle, giving a bit of yourself to the power of it. I feel this is entirely up to the person creating it. If they are uncomfortable doing that, how effective will the overall spell be? If they are worried about that and concentrating on that aspect, will it weaken the overall ritual? Using water is just as effective, and much safer. Some Witches fill the bottles with Spirits, Sand, Dirt, herbs or even salt.

There is no Wrong way to make a Witch Bottle as there are so many Traditions that are unique from all over the world , All that matters is your intention 

                 This while it is Pretty Is NOT a Witch Bottle  this is a Fluffy Bottle of Fluffy Herbs
I see this image alot on Fluffy Pages with zero credit to the original artist  who is here  
also anytime you see someone saying anything that says to use Glitter  is a Fluffy witch bottle  and not a real witch bottle if you want to make a real witch bottle you need REAL Ingredients 

If you want a Witch bottle for the purpose of Healing or Protection
then put healing and protection herbs  
examples are  

 Absinthium – 
Healing, good health, fights off disease.

Acorns – 

Good luck, fertility, spiritual growth, prosperity.

Acacia –  

Prosperity, money, success, love and psychic powers.

African Violet –  

Protection, healing, spiritual growth.

Amber –  

Happiness, love, friendship, comfort and reassurance.


Protection, removes negative energy, bad vibes, helps to cancel out hexes.

Aletris Root –  

Used for female magic, protection and prosperity.


Prosperity, wisdom and success.

Aloe –  

Spiritual growth, luck, success, protection, love and used as a barrier against evil.

Angelica Root

Protection, exorcism, removes negative energy, boosts female power.

Anise or Aniseed

Spiritual growth, dreams, sleep, protection.


Love, luck, used in immortality spells.

Arrow Root

Purification, cleansing, healing.

Ash – *

Divination, luck, prosperity, protection.

Aspen –  

House and item protection, healing and psychic powers.


Youth, beauty, love, lust and healing.

Azalea –  

Happiness, uplifting, full of life.

Bamboo – 

Wish magic, luck, protection.


Fertility, passion and success.


House protection, home and business blessings, wards off negative energies, purification, cleansing, divination, exorcism, prosperity and love.

Bay Leaves

Protection, psychic power, divination, success, money and wish magic.

Beech –  

Wish magic, happiness, divination and spiritual growth.

Belladonna –  

Astral projection, psychic powers, used to add a boost of power to spells, healing, helping forget past loves, protection, used in flying ointment.

Bergamot –  

Success, psychic powers, fertility, clarity of the mind, sleep, protection and prosperity.

Birch –  

Protection, purification, cleansing and removes negative energies and hexes.


Used to invoke the Goddess, protection, healing and prosperity.

Black Pepper

Banish negativity, wards of bad vibes, protection.

Blessed Thistle / Holy Thistle – *

Used to invoke the God. Scared to the God, Pan.  Purification, removes negative energies and hexes,  lust, uplifting and luck.


House protection and home blessings, legal matters, luck, prosperity and protection.

Brazil Nut

Protection, prosperity and love.

Brimstone Powder / Sulphar – *

Used to remove hexes and ward off demonic presences.

Burdock Root

Protection, healing, purification, cleansing and self acceptance.

Buckthorn Bark – *

Exorcism, wards off negative energies and bad vibes, removes hexes and aids legal matters.


Fertility, luck and prosperity.


Psychic powers, spiritual growth, happiness and protection.

Camellia –  

Love, protection, healing and prosperity.

Camomile (Chamomile)

Sleep, calms nerves, prosperity, luck and purification.

Caraway Seed

Used to help children stay safe from illness and general harm, protection, clarity of mind, passion and healing.


Courage, love and passion.

Carnation – *

Protection, sinner strength, healing and creativity.


Lust and fertility


Prosperity, used to invoke the Sun God.


Courage, beauty, love, used in familiar magic especially with cats.


To aid separation (such as divorce), emotional heartache, used as a traditional offering to the Goddess and God.

Cedar –  

Protection, purification, removes hexes and negative energy, prosperity. Used to repel snakes.


Clarity of mind, psychic powers, aids sleep, lust and passion.


Psychic powers, protection, used in flying ointment, repels snakes.

Cherry Bark –  

Love, passion and romance, divination, clarity of which path to take.


Helps you contact spirits, used to help people find their deities.


Love and peace.

Chrysanthemum –  

Healing and protection.


Protection, used in weight loss (diet) spells.


Promotes dreaming, business success, healing, psychic powers, love, purification, protection and spiritual growth.


All rounder, can be used for any magic.

Clover –  

Clarity of mind, protection and love.


Prosperity, peace, calms the nerves, love, psychic powers and dreams.


Love, healing and passion. Draws love.


Fertility and healing.

Cumin Seed

House protection and home blessings. General protection, exorcism, wards off negative energy.

Daffodil –  

Luck, love and fertility.

Daisy –  

Innocence, children spells, used in fae (fairies and faerie folk) magic. Used to invoke the Goddess Freya.


Used to contact spirits, clairvoyance, dreams, psychic powers, healing, purification and healing.

Deadly Nightshade –  

Astral projection, psychic powers, used to add a boost of power to spells, healing, helping forget past loves, protection, used in flying ointment.


Protection against hexes and curses, enhances magical knowledge, clarity of mind, psychic powers, luck and love.

Dock Leaf –  

Prosperity, success in business, fertility, healing.

Dragons Blood –  

Increases power and is used as a boost for spells, banishments, exorcisms, strong protection, love, energy and purification.


Inner and physical strength, healing and prosperity.

Elderflowers and Elderberries

Exorcism, protection, house protection and home blessings, healing and love.


Healing, purification, cleansing and protection.

Evening Primrose

Healing, purification, creativity and protection.


Psychic powers, spiritual growth, clarity of mind, used as an old remedy for eye infections (do not use for this purpose!).


Protection, purification, healing, passion, courage and strength.


Protection against accidents, clumsiness and illness, helps with colds and fevers.

Frankincense –  

Protection, purification, healing and cleansing.


Protection, purification, cleansing, consecrates areas and tools.

Galangal Root –  

Protection, prosperity, psychic powers, lust and passion. Legal matters.


Protection, healing, exorcism, inner strength, family bonding, home and business blessings.

Geranium –  

Healing, protection, love and meditation.


Protection, prosperity, healing, luck and love.

Heartsease –  

Aids heartache, love and friendship.

Hibiscus –  

Dreams, divination, love and lust.

Holly –  

Protection, love, dreams, good marriage.

Honeysuckle –  

Prosperity, luck, peace, used for calling inspiration.


Purification, protection, exorcisms.

Hyssop –  

Protection, purification, cleansing, consecration and all positive blessings.


Love, dreams, spiritual growth, used to invoke the Goddess.

Juniper Berries

Protection, exorcism, healing, calms the nerves, love and repels snakes.

Ladies Mantle – 

Used to invoke the Goddess Venus. Used to aid sleep, love, purification, beauty, inner calm, fertility, luck, protection and happiness.


Purification, healing, cleansing, home blessings,  protection, calming, sleep and love.


Uplifting, clarity of the mind, healing, psychic powers,  used to contact spirits and friendship.

Lemon Balm

Healing, psychic powers, spiritual growth, divination, love and success.

Lemon Grass –  

Mental clarity, psychic powers, love, lust and repels snakes.

Lemon Mint –  

Healing and love.

Lemon Verbena

Purification, protection, purification, cleansing, love, passion and adds an extra boost to other herb mixtures.


Divination, sleep and protection.

Lilac –  

Aids with past life regression, protection, love, luck and exorcisms.

Lily –  

Removing a love spell or enchantment that has been cast upon you, protection.

Lily of the Valley –  

Attracts fae (fairies and faerie folk), healing, uplifting, happiness and inner calm.


Protection, healing and love.

Liquorice Root

Love and romance.

Liquorice Stick

Love and makes a powerful mini wand.


Good marriage, love and passion.

Mandrake –  

Protection, exorcisms, home and business blessings, divination, psychic powers, luck and prosperity.


Luck, prosperity and love.

Marigold (Calendula)

Psychic powers, spiritual growth, happiness and protection.


Promotes inner balance, psychic powers, spiritual growth, happiness, love, prosperity and protection.

Marshmallow Root

Love, protection and removes negative energy.


Happiness, love, divination, inner calm, peace.


Prosperity, psychic powers, spiritual growth, traveling, exorcisms, protection, healing.

Mistletoe –  

Used in Druid magic, youth, beauty, love, healing, prosperity, protection and fertility.

Mugwort –  

Dreams, astral projection, divination, psychic powers, healing, inner strength, dragon magic, used in flying ointment, visions, protection and fertility.

Myrrh –  

Protection, purification, cleansing, exorcisms, spiritual growth, to help relieve sorrow after tragedy, healing.

Neroli –  

Inner calm, sleep, peace, meditation and inner confidence.

Nettles (Dead or Dumb) –  

Protection, healing and removes bad vibes.

Nettles (Stinging)

Protection, exorcisms, healing, removes bad vibes and negative forces.

Nightshade (Deadly) – *

Astral projection, psychic powers, used to add a boost of power to spells, healing, helping forget past loves, protection, used in flying ointment.


Prosperity, divination, love, luck, clarity of mind, protection, uplifting and healing.


Protection, purification and healing.


Peace, calm, love, luck and lust.

Orchid –  

Calming, dissolves anger, beauty, love and peace.


Happiness, protection, prosperity, healing and love.  Use to help with difficult in-laws.


Psychic powers, spiritual growth, luck, uplifting and healing.

Passion Flower –  

Home blessings, friendship, sleep, inner peace, emotional balance, love and family bonds.

Patchouli –  

Used to break or cancel a spell. Exorcisms, removes hexes, clarity of mind, passion, prosperity, contacting spirits, divination. Used to invoke the Goddess.

Pennyroyal –  

Purification, protection, home blessings, inner calm, aids calm in an argument, helps prevent travel sickness.

Peony –  

Used in folklore as a natural lucky charm, healing, prosperity, protection, exorcism, removes hexes.


Psychic powers, calming, healing, aids rest, clarity of mind, dreams, purification and love.

Periwinkle –  

Good marriage, clarity of mind, purification, immortality, protection, love. Used to invoke the Goddess.

Pine –  

Protection, purification, cleansing, prosperity, inner strength, bringing back down to earth, healing, fertility, success, home and business blessings.


Prosperity, luck.

Pink Rose Buds & Petals

Friendship, love, romance and self acceptance.


Healing, love, peace and inner calm.


The juice was used in folklore as a substitute for blood or magical writing ink. Divination, wish magic, protection and prosperity.

Poppy & Poppy Seeds

Happiness, love, lust, luck, sleep, prosperity and fertility.


Healing, luck and prosperity.

Primrose – *

Used to see fae (fairies and faerie folk), love and luck.

Pumpkin & Pumpkin Seeds

Healing, divination and used to honour the Moon.

Raspberry Leaf

Protection, sleep, dreams, healing and protection.

Red Rose Buds /Petals

Passion, love, romance, psychic powers, healing, protection and divination.

Red Sandalwood – 

Trance work, divination, meditation, consecration and purification. Used to invoke the Goddess Venus.

Rose Hips

Love, luck, healing and invoking positive spirits.


Purification, healing, sleep, clarity of the mind, psychic powers and spiritual growth.

Rowan & Rowan Berries –  

Protection, home and business blessings, success, psychic powers and healing.

Rue –  

Exorcism, protection, luck, removes hexes, love, clarity of mind, healing, home and business blessings.


Psychic powers, healing, love and lust.


Traditionally used by the Shamans. Purification, cleansing, clarity of mind, healing, psychic power, spiritual growth, home protection and general protection, wisdom and knowledge.

Sandalwood –  

Cleansing, purification, protection. Removes negative energy and psychic attacks.

Sea Salt

Purification, cleansing, casting the circle.

Slippery Elm

Protection, to stop gossip and rumours.


Protection, protection during sleep, clarity of mind, healing and love.

St. Johns Wort –  

Used to remove demonic presences and forces.  Protection, healing, love, happiness and divination.

Tea Tree –  

Healing, peace and harmony, clarity of mind.


Psychic powers and spiritual growth, love, stops nightmares and bad dreams. Divination, courage, purification, restful sleep, healing, inner calm and balance.

Valerian Root

Sleep, purification, cleansing, protection, dreams and love.


Inner calm, harmony and peace, protection, purification, divination, consecration, prosperity, love and creativity.


Healing, clarity of mind, wish magic, fertility. Used as a offering for the God.

Willow –  

Divination, protection, love, healing and to help relieve sorrow.

White Willow Bark –  

Protection, love, healing, divination, luck, inspiration and psychic powers.

Witch Hazel –  

Protection, helps mend a broken heart, healing and charm.


Exorcism, protection, love, removes hexes, aids fear and promotes calm. Inner strength, psychic powers and courage.

Yew –  

Removes negative energy and hexes, protection.

Ylang Ylang –  

Inner calm, brings peace to situations, love, happiness and tranquility.

 (Pick 9 that call to you!)
Pour the nine selected herbs into the mixing bowl one by one. As you pour each one in say
these words (replace the blank with the name of the Goddess and Gods you honor and any spirits you work with and  :
“________ that protects, protect my home and all within.”
Once all of the herbs have been added to the bowl, mix them with your hands.
Visualize you home being safe and secure as you mix. Pour into bottle/jar. Cap the bottle or jar and bury it outside, in front of your front step. If you live in an apartment or other place that would prevent you from doing this, place the jar some

where out of view but still near your doorway such as buried in a planter or pot 

Note: you can use Crystals, Stones, Seashells  be sure to do a bit of research on the crystals so you use the proper ones 


 A Curse Hex badluck Witch bottle

 the herbs on this list is mainly for harm and cursing

many of the herbs on this list are Toxic / Poisonous

so use common sense when handling these herbs  

understand fully this is a Curse Magick meant to harm, Hex and Curse someone
and what you put out there will come back on you 
 Daw's Note: If you are not experienced in what you are doing then do not do this, This is not a Toy or Game or something Cool to try out to impress friends. 

Sharp spines like thorns, cactus needles or prickly plants.

Apple Seeds 
Apricot pit  
Abrus, also called Rosary Pea, Precatory Bean (Abrus precatorius)


Bats Head Root  (poisonous).

Bladderwrack   (poisonous).
Blood Root:      
Black Pepper seed
Boneset: To burn as an incense and chant to use during curses.
Cayenne Pepper 
Cinquefoil, Witch’s Grass: Burn over a candle wax image of an enemy to cause him discomfort.
Coconuts: hollow out the coconut and fill with snakeroot & Herbs  .  
Cruel Man of the Woods:    (poisonous).
Castor Beans  (poisonous).
Chine Berries
Datura, Jimsonweed
Devil’s Shoestring  (poisonous).
Dragons Blood Herb  
Fly Agaric  (poisonous).
Foxglove, Digitalis
Guano, Bat  excrement  
Hawthorn (poisonous).
Hellbore (poisonous).
Henbane (poisonous) 
Hemlock (poisonous).
High John the Conqueror
Lemon Verbena
Licorice Root
Lily of the Valley  (poisonous).
Lobelia  (poisonous).
Lotus  (poisonous).
Mandrake, European (poisonous).
May Apple Root, American Mandrake (poisonous).
Mistletoe (poisonous).
Mustard Seed 
Nightshade, Belladonna, Monkshood  (poisonous).
Poison Arrow Plant (Acokanthera species)  (poisonous).
Poison Hemlock  (poisonous).
Poke Root
Rue, Ruda  (poisonous).
Sulfur, Brimstone
 Twitch’s Grass:   (poisonous).
Vetivert:  (poisonous).
Vandal Root (poisonous).
Wolfsbane or Monkshood, Aconite (Aconitum species)
Wormwood (poisonous).

  Pick 9 herbs 

you also need Rusty nails, Razors, Broken Glass , Sand, broken egg shells , broken seashells 
sawdust    Personal Object of the person you want cursed/ Hexed 
This can be a Lock of hair, Photo its best to have a single photo of the person with the name of the person written on the photo, fingernails, Blood, semen from a condom , something personal of theirs such as a ring or necklace  

you can add in a personal touch such as  if your enemy is Addicted to something include that in the witch bottle such as Cigarettes or Spirits/ Alcohol , Dice or Cards if they are Gambling addict etc which will turn their addiction into their 

Prepare your Bottle  

put the heaviest item first such as Sand then layer in herbs and sharp objects
until you are halfway then add the personal object such as  lock of hair or photo etc
while saying the following 

 I ( State your name )  call upon you, (  Invoke your Goddess , Gods, Spirits you work with

I Curse  (Enemy Full Name)

As a punishment for all the hardships he / she has put me through.

Poison his/her soul, wither his/her mind,
Leave no part of him/her behind,
Let them cry and be in pain,
Let them lie and go insane

cursed is (Enemy Full Name) 

An eternal life of suffering and depression (Enemy Full Name) will see
This is my will
So mote it be.

Chant this two more times.

then continue until bottle is almost filled to the top
 Cap the bottle or jar with hot wax to seal it along with a piece of paper at the top with the Enemies name on it sealed in wax and go and bury it outside, near your enemies home
you can Decorate the bottle with Curse Sigils and Witch Runes  if you wish

 Now Again understand fully this is a Curse Magick meant to harm, Hex and Curse someone
and what you put out there will come back on you 

 Daw's Note: If you are not experienced in what you are doing then do not do this, This is not a Toy or Game or something Cool to try out to impress friends. 

Before any Spell or ritual is performed the magic spell should be read and understood completely. All items needed for the ritual should be on hand. Rituals should not be taken lightly. Rituals should always be done with respect.~ Daw~

Some Dark Goddess to invoke  
- Kali: Goddess of destruction.
- Hecate: Goddess of dark magick
- Demeter: Dark Mother
- Cerridwen: Keeper of the cauldron, death, and rebirth.
- Hel: The queen of the underworld.
- Morrigan: Warrior Goddess, associated with death.
- Lilith : Goddess  associated with  Death 
-Nyx : Goddess associated with Dreams and Death 
-Erishkigal- sumerian,   Who represents the force of death and reminds us death is not malicious but a necessary force devoid of personal motive.

Some Suggestion of Gods to invoke

Baron Samedi  Voodou Loa deity who is symbolized with death , life, revenge 
Papa Legba   Voodou Loa  a deity who is symboled with life and death
Anubis  Egyptian God of the underworld
Hades:  Greek God of the underworld Associated with death
Cerrunnos  Lord of Life and Death 
Loki    Norse Trickster God is associated with Death  Father of Norse Goddess Hel 

there are other deities do a bit of research on your path 
I highly suggest and Urge  before summoning any deity to understand who they are 
study about them , as this is not something you wish to rush into  you are conjuring real deities
and  be prepared to have offering gifts    

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