Sunday, September 7, 2014

Mabon Wish Spell

Photo is property of   Christina Pickerill-Davis of Autumn Moon
used with permission  

you need 
a white candle
an Apple 
a knife 
a small piece of rose quartz 

open your circle as you normally wood invoking any spirits or deities you work with in your own manner  

Cut open an apple and you will see that a pentacle resides in the heart of the fruit.
take the seeds in your dominate hand   each wish is a seed

Hold the Rose Quartz in your other hand and as you stare into the candle flame 

I ( State your name )  promise I will always believe in this wish  
And in the things I am yet to learn
State the name of your Goddess/ God/ Spirits  hear my plea
So grant me this wish I soulfully yearn'

on each seed make a wish  

Not out of greed or any ill will
with harm to none
Let this wish be done so mote it be !

Thank the Lord and Lady and any spirits for helping you and leave the candle  to burn out.

Place the rose, the apple seeds, and the rose quartz crystal on a window ledge where they will attract the magic of the moon. 

Look after your seeds in a caring way and keep them in a special place along with your rose quartz in a mojo bag  and keep it with you

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