Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Crystals and meaning

Alot of people ask me what are certain Crystals for  

well here is a list   

Agate Blocks Communication, removes distractions, peace & healing

Agate Geode Gives the total picture for decision-making.

Agatized Coral Quiets emotion, brings self peace, visualization.

Amazonite Attracts money & success by taking a risk, uranus energy

Amber Fossilized resin, sunny happy, healing energy.

Amegreen Stimulates healing & repair of the body.

Amethyst Dreams, healing, intuition, peace, love, happiness.

Amethyst Points Prepares the soul for intense transformational journeys.

Amethyst window Quartz Meditation focus & positive spiritual feelings.

Ametrine Guards against psychic attacks, calms the mind.

Ammonite Gives stability & structure to life, provides insight.

Angelite Psychic healing, re-birthing, dispels anger, balances.

Anhydrite Clears distractions from the mind, builds stamina.

Apache Tear Protection, luck, removes toxins, calms muscle spasms.

Apatite Inspirational, manifestation, spiritual attunement.

Apricot Agate Elevates self worth, confidence, mythical exploration.

Aquamarine Courage, calming, reduces stress, immune system.

Aragonite Stars Grounding, attuned to earth goddess, concentration.

Arfvedsonite Restructures & reorganized old patterns, smoothes changes

Azurite Increases psychic powers, divination, prophetic dreams.

Banded Amethyst Eases anxiety, depression, balances hormones.

Bismuth Relieves emotional & spiritual isolation, transformation.

Black Agate Stone of peace, healing, grounding & centering.

Blood Jasper Grounding mental energies, discipline, perseverance.

Bloodstone Healing, victory, courage, wealth, strength, energy.

Blue Agate Harmonizes yin & yang, self acceptance, stability.

Blue Aragonite Enhances patience & assists to maintain strict discipline.

Blue Aventurine Powerful mental healer, promotes well being.

Blue Beryl Treats heart, liver, stomach, spine, releases toxins.

Blue Calcite Gentle stone, recuperation, relaxation, sooths nerves.

Blue Chalcedony Sacred Native american stone, ceremonial activities.

Blue Coral Association with the sea, protection for sailors & travelers.

Blue Gold Stone Throat chakra, communication, centering, garnish grief.

Blue Jade Protective & bringer of good luck. Serenity & Tranquility.

Blue Lace Agate Activates heart, third eye & crown chakra. Arthritis.

Blue Obsidian Astral travel, enhances telepathy, opens aura to receiving. 

Blue Onyx Throat chakra enhances self control, centering.

Blue Quartz Promotes speaking ones mind, removes fear, comforts disruption.

Blue Tigereye Calming, releases stress, slows quick temper & phobias.

Blue Topaz w/Hematoid Gives insights & clairty, calms the mind for meditation.

Brecciated Jasper Shaman stone for magic, provides protection, balance.

Bronzite Provides courage to do it, helps decision making.

Brown Tourmaline Protection, brings peace, clears aura, grounding.

Bud Stone Releases limitations, inspires ambition, ceremonies.

Cactus Quartz Harmonizes aura, chakra points, physical body, fear.

Calcite Energy amplifier, returns body to a state of well being.

Carmel Jasper Centering, grounding stability, boosts immune system.

Carnelian Sun, fire, protection, peace healing, courage, astral vision.

Cats Eye Happiness, serenity, luck, intuition, freedom seeker.

Celestite Analysis complex ideas, mental activities, communication.

Chalcopyrite Finds lost objects, accumulates information beneficial to the user.

Charoite Converts disease into wellness, reenergizes the body.

Chert Memory stone, helps looking for lost items, stability.

Chiastolite Devotion, harmony, helps with dealing with change.

Chrysanthemum Captures the big picture, removes obstructions from ones path.

Chrysocolla Wisdom, love, drives off fear & illusions. attracts love.

Chrysoprase Promotes love of truth, hope, personal insight.

Citrine Sun energy, protection, psychic energy, magical uses.

Citrine Points Energizes every level of life, warming, energizing.

Clear Quartz Protection, clears negative energy, clarity 

Coffee Jasper Stability, balance, boosts immune system, clears toxins.

Copper Combats lethargy, restlessness, stimulates optimism.

Coprolite Reduces fear & promotes kinship with animal life.

Crazy Lace Agate Raises low bio-rhythms, crates laughter & fun.

Dalmation Jasper Balances mineral connect of the body, nurturer.

Dendritic Opal Long life, good health, & prosperity, loyalty, faithfulness.

Diopside Calms pets, muscular spasms, allows one to cry.

Dolomite Builds the bodies muscular, blood cells, bones & teeth.

Dragon Stone Shamans protection stones holds solar energy.

Dravite Helps the body accept a replacement for not smoking & dieting.

Dumortierite Eliminates stubbornness, stimulates spiritual ideas.

Elestial Rose Quartz Clears fluids in cells, releases impurities, aids vertigo.

Emerald Successful love, domestic bliss & loyalty.

Fancy Jasper Good humor stone, gives efficiency with details.

Fire Agate eases stomach, nerves, endocrine system. Aides prevention hot flashes.

Flint Assists in viewing the unknown, enhances judgment.

Flourite Cleavages Ultimate physical perfection, dispels negativity.

Fluorite Stabilizes mental, physical, emotional, & spiritual systems.

Fossel Sea Urchin Gift of the stars, telepathic communication.

Fossil Teeth Rituals, spells to bring in ancient wisdom, healing.

Fuchsite Teaches true self-worth, aids with interaction with people

Galena Reduces inflammation, heals skin problems.

Galena & Chrysocolla Stone of harmony, wisdom, clarity & Love.

Garnet Energy, protection, healing, strength, creates light shield.

Golden Feldspar Locates missing objects, aids new discovery & goals.

Golden Fluorite Aligns the will with the mind, brings intention into reality.

Golden Jade Energetic & quietly stimulating, brings joy.

Goldstone Made by monks for prosperity, attracts honor, wealth.

Grey Botswana agate Enhances creativity & finding solutions to problems

Green Agate Enhances mental, emotional flexibility, improves decision making

Green Aventurine Money, gambling, healing, bringer of good luck.

Green Beryl Strengthens pulmonary, circulatory systems, releases toxins.

Green Citrine Helps to release what no longer serves you & to move on.

Green gold quartz Balances blood sugar, chronic fatigue, weight, hormones.

Green Goldstone Brings a heart with meaning, heals heart matters.

Green Jade Calms nervous system, channels passion.

Green Micalated quartz Spiritual inspiration & stability & balance.

Green Quartz Opens & stabilizes the heart chakra, & balances the body

Green Turquoise Helps oxygenate the blood & increase the prana in the body

Green Jasper Heals & releases disease & obsession, hearth chakra

Green Kyanite` Aligns & opens all chakras & physical, mental energy.

Grossularite A stone of fertility,for challlenging law suits.

Hematite Protective & healing stone, aids attention & focus

Hemitite & Jasper Promotes vitality assists moving through change.

Hemotoid Quartz Protection, clarity, & healing, repels negative energy

Hemimorphite Creates self esteem, happiness, & manifestation.

Hekimer Diamond Energizes, enlivens, promotes creativity, psychic abilities.

Hiddenite Assist in intellectual, emotional pursuits, provides insight.

Honey Calcite Power amplifier & cleanser of energy, works with all chakras.

Howelite Super calming stone, absorbs anger from you & others.

Hypersthene Stimulates solutions & answers to problems.

Iceland Spar Communication, excellent for clearing outer bodies.

Idocrase Releases feelings of restraint & imprisonment.

Included Quartz Provides nourishment & qualities required for success.

Iolite Stimulates visions, astral travel, strengthens auric field.

Irradiated Quartz Excellent for chemotherapy & radiation. Joint relief.

Jade A dream stone, transmutes negativity & instills resourcefulness

Jet Fossilized wood, harder than coal, enhances business.

Kambaba Jasper Instills patience, eliminates toxins.

Kunzite Soul retrieval, opens celestial doorway.

Kyanite Never needs cleaning, psychic ability, connects with nature.

Labradorite Protects the aura, keeps it balanced & clear.

Lapis Accesses energy & sustains health, builds the aura

Larimar Recognizing & braking self imposed chains.

Larvikite Connects with nature spirits, grounding & protective.

Lavender Fluorite Gives precise communication & rationality to intuitive qualities.

Laser Quartz Used in healing, putting good energy in releasing negative energy

Lemon Quartz Creativity, organization, optimism & well being.

Lemurian Jade Abundance, gratitude, satisfaction, assists with spiritual quest.

Leopard Skin Jasper supreme nurturer, protection, balancing & centering.

Lepiodolite Throat, heart, third-eye chakras, relieves stress

Lizard Jasper Removes energy blocks, balances emotions.

Lode Stone Attracts things, brings good luck, healing

Lemurian See Crystals Connects with the divine feminine, assess knowledge.

Magnetite Aligns the chakras, balances emotions, bones, hair.

Mahogany Obsidian Grounds, protects, eliminates energy blockages.

Malachite Transformation, changes situations, clears your path

Mangano Calcite Forgiveness, angelic realm, releases fear & trapped grief

Marble Jasper supreme nurturer, protection, balancing & centering.

Marble Onyx Gives common sense with heart matters, good fortune & happiness.

Meditation Quartz Creates clear perfect channel with pure white light.

Mooklite Useful balance between inner & outer experiences.

Moon Stone Love, divination, psychic sleep, protections, dreams.

Moon Stone rainbow New beginnings, hopes & wishes, travel, good fortune.

Morganite Brings a sense of peace, joy & inner strength.

Moss Agate Wealth, abundance, birthing crystal for midwives

Muggelstone Great stone for grounding after meditation, re-centers

Multicolored Tourmaline Brings mind, body, spirit & soul into wholeness.

Muscovite Disperses insecurities, uncertainties, creates solutions

Nephrite Balance's male & female, talisman of protection

Obsidian Protection, grounding, rituals, divination, creativity

Ocean Jasper Development & continuance of business pursuits

Oco Geodes Astral travel, stimulates immune system, healing

Onyx Centering, alignment, releases grief, gives self control

Opal enhances cosmic consciousness, psychic visions

Opalite Joy, Purifies, balances the chakras, clears aura

Orange Calcite Energizing, cleansing, removes fear, overcomes depression

Orthoceras Creates warrior energy, inspires imagination, courage

Peach Morganite Connects with divine love, attunes energy of abundance

Peach Quartz Attracts abundance, overcomes abuse, protect

Peanut Wood Dispenses old programming, opens fresh innovative forces

Peridot Releases negative patterns, gives forward movement

Petalite Shamanic stone/angel stone, opens cosmic consciousness

Petrified Wood Strength, grounding, gives ancient understandings

Picasso Marble Develops creative talents, artistic enterprises

Pietersite Calms stressful situations, instills energy when needed

Pink Agate Harmonizes yin & yang, self acceptance, stability.

Pink Aragonite Love, peace, attunes to earth goddess, grounding

Pink Aventurine Rituals of the medicine wheel, shows spirit guides

Pink Botswana Agate Gives ever-present watchfulness during activities.

Pink Opal Stone of hope, great achievement, bringer of good luck

Prasiolite Links energy between heart & crown chakra, truth

Prehnite Good Feng Shui stone helpful with de-cluttering

Psilomelane Corrects unwanted behavior patterns. Facilitates trance states

Purple Agate Attracts strength, protects bad dreams, relieves stress

Purple Obsidian Enhances spiritual growth, activates crown chakra

Pyrite Money, divination, luck, psychic impulses

Pyrite Cubes Regenerative power to energize & align the body

Quartz Crystal Points Enhances psychic abilities & attunes spiritual purpose

Quartz Lazer points Psychic surgery, healing, channels energy

Quartz w/Epidote Enhances perception, stimulates personal power

Quartz w/Graphite Softens difficult tasks, creates gentle strength

Rainbow Jasper Strong protection eases emotional stress

Rainbow Obsidian Releases hooks from others, draws stress away from the body

Rainbow Quartz Brings rainbows into ones life with color & love 

Red Aventurine Energy, balances male-female energy, root chakra

Red Jasper Protective, promotes beauty, grace, stimulates energy

Red Selenite Earths angelic energies & aids earth healing

Red Sponge Coral Cures indigestion & eye ailments, protects sea travel

Rhodoshrosite Improves self-worth & soothes emotional stress

Rhonite Increases strength & stamina, stimulates dreams.

Rhyolite Represents change, variety & progress, clearing past

Rose Quartz Stone of gentle love, peace, healing calming, nurturing

Ruby Stimulates the heart chakra, nurturing, wisdom, health

Ruby Fuchsite Detoxifies the body, overcomes victim tendencies

Ruby Zoisite Crown chakra, soul memory, past life work

Rutilated Quartz Vibration healer, spiritual growth, energizes

Sapphire Protection, centering, relieves mental anxiety

Sardonyx Helps to find solution to present & past problems

Satin Spar Selenite Aligns spinal column, promotes flexibility, nurturing

Selenite Used to access past-lives & future lives, flexibility

Seraphinite Self-healing, angelic connection spiritual enlightenment

Serpentine Healing, aids in calcium magnesium absorption

Shattuckite Strong protection during channeling, balances the body

Shiva Lingam Represent male & female energy, wisdom, purifies

Silicon Carbide Stardust, creative visualization, creativity, crown chakra

Smokey Citrine Takes us in to places we deny in our selves.

Smokey Quartz Collects scattered energies, dissolves negative energy

Smokey Window Quartz Opens path for perception & learning, altered states

Snowflake Obsidian Produces blunt answers, inner vision, reflects flaws

Snow Quartz Enhances tact & cooperation, clears victimhood

Sodalite Emotional healing, stress, nervousness, fear

Spectrolite in Stripe Initiates the analytical processes of the mind, exploration

Stramatolite Past life meditation, tonic for well being, heals chakras

Strawberry Obsidian Grounding stone, spirituality, relieves stress & tension

Strawberry Quartz Stimulates the heart center, energy for total love

Stichtite in Serpentine Stone of love calms the nervous systems. Calls on angels and fairies

Sugilite Major love stone. Opens all chakras, Questing stone

Sulphur Quartz Willfulness, heals exhaustion, illness, infections, colds

Sunstone` Removes hooks to chakras & fills them with love

Tektite Connects to extraterrestrial & enhances our higher knowledge

Thulite Treats calcium deficiencies & gastric upsets, regenerates the body

Tiger Eye Sharpens perception, focus & clarity, brings prosperity

Tiger Iron Promotes vitality & helps in passing thought change.

Topaz Stimulates the metabolism, manifest good health

Tourmalinated Quartz Creates a solving atmosphere, eliminates patterns

Tourmaline Attracts inspiration, diminishes fear, balances yin/yang

Tree Agate Co-ordination, assists with management issues

Turquenite A sense of unity with all that surrounds us

Turquoise Effective healer, solace for spirit, body well being

Turrtella Agate Protection, opens channels between plant & mineral world

Unakite Balances emotional body, finds hidden blocks

Variscite Brings in courage & love, aligns nervous system

Voegesite Assists in getting along with others, helps to diversity

Watermelon Tourmaline Super-activator of heart chakra & to higher self.

White Agate Purifies the mind & stabilizes the aura, balance

White Aventurine Cleanses the mind & body, rejuvenates the spirit

White Shell Calcium deficiencies, heals skeletal structures

Window Quartz Locates missing persons or lost items, meditation

Yellow Jasper Protects during spiritual work, physical travel

Yellow Mustard Opal Activates crown chakra & aligns all chakras

Yellow Obsidian Defines the bases for ones path of action

Yellow Tourmaline Stimulates solar plexus enhances personal power

Zebra Agate Provides strength, promotes joy of living

Zebra Jasper Supreme nurturer, protection, balancing & centering.

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