Monday, December 2, 2013

Confessions of Crafty Witches Page Associates

We at Confessions of Crafty Witches do not sell anything 
Time to Time you see us sharing Creations by other Pages these Pages  make  Creations and Sell them. 

These are the Pages we are Assocated with and highly Reconmend them and Endorse them
They all have top quality items.  so if you are looking where to buy supplies these are the shops we suggest.   

Dorian Esposito Wallace  owner
Cobaltraven's Magickal Notions   Crystals, Books , Jewelry, Spell kits, Herbs/ Oils

Christina Davis 
Autumn Moon - Candles, Art & Mystical Crafts by Christina Davis
Pendants , Jewelry and amazing Creations  and Steampunk creations

Woodewytch Woodburning Fantastic Wood Art and more Check her out at Facebook  Kitchen and Garden Wands

Ashley Freckles Ormaza  Owner 
Freckles Fairy Chest  , Fairy wings, unicorn horns , Seashell/ Mermaid Clothing and much more

Cynthia Johnston  OWner
MoonMaid BotanicalsFacebook     Oils, Lotions , Creams and much more  that are magickally infused 

Nydia Macedo
Carioca Witch

Rose Root-Hudson    
Boho Gypsy's Treasures

Amanda Mammoser
Goodie Lock BoXXX, LLC.Adult Toys, Games  and exotic creams and oils for adult fun  Facebook

Soap Fetish   Exotic Adult soaps 

Karen Bourner  Owner 
Cheeky Witch   Magic Coffee cups  T Shirts with a  Witchy sense of humor  

Debra Hockley   owner
Love and Light all:    Love,  humor ,sexy funny  , Spells   

Sherry Thaxton Rozas  Owner 
 Beaded Dragon Designs    Tree of life pendants , and wire pendants and much more 

KM Fields' Elemental Enchantments   Altar boxes,  Pentacles  Crystal Artwork

Angelia  Doyle  
 On Gossamer Wings   Fairy Wings and Fairy Clothing

Joanne Scheffer
Gel Art  they make  Steampunk and non steampunk Jewelry     Tree of life and pendants

Emily  Norton
HadPip's Boutique   Duct tape pens and Designs 

Legend of the Faie  they sell Fairy artwork

Eliora    Lorelei Eliora owner
She makes beautiful athames, bolines, charm clips, pendulums  ESTY 

Nina Burks owner
Madam Nina's Pirated Pendants    Beaded Jewelry 
Madam Nina's Etsy Shop:

Dawn Gill  Owner 
  Voodoo Soap and Bead they have Soap, Beads and Fairy jewelry and Horns and much more

Voodoo Soap and Bead

Starla Moore Owner
Art by Starla Moore she makes Dragon keys and much more

 Roisin Dubh Creations   
Aedynne Cline Owner

Elegantly Haunted

Deidre Dreams

Leandra Kesner  owner
Hippie Momma's Hemp Works

Simple & Clean Soapery

We had to make a List for some Pages are going around saying we endorse them, when we have never even heard of them before , We fear someone may try to Scam someone using our name so we wanted to post a list of shops we endorse so you have no fear of being ripped off or scammed these are shops we know we can trust ..

We are always on the look out for scammers or con artists cuz we want to protect our Subscribers so unless the shop is on this list we are not assocated or Afffliated with them.

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